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How to Delete Emails from Outlook for Mac Account in Bulk?

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Published On May 10th, 2024 • 5 min read

While searching for a solution to “How to Delete Emails from Outlook Mac” you will end up with different kinds of solutions. Before searching for a solution make sure you have the right question. 

We need a solution based on the situation we are in. Some might need to permanently delete all email data and others need to backup emails on Mac, and then remove the emails.

Therefore, here we have come up with an article on, what Outlook for Mac users can do to delete email messages from their accounts in bulk. Let us walk you through the best technique out there.

How to Delete Emails from Outlook Account?

We can delete emails from the account using the Delete feature provided by the email service.

  • Sign in to the Outlook Web Account
  • Select the Inbox using the check box.
  • Click on the Delete button to delete multiple Outlook Emails.

Limitations: The manual method is time-consuming when it comes to deleting multiple files at once. Secondly, since there is no option to filter and select the files, the method is prone to error. That is, important emails can be deleted by this method. 

Delete Bulk Emails from Outlook for Mac Account 

The deletion process is not supposed to be a tedious task. We delete email messages for various reasons like cleaning up an email account, security reasons, etc. Therefore, email deletion must be quick. Putting all this together we have come up with the software EmailRaser for Mac. What we provide is a direct deletion of emails from the Outlook for Mac account directly. Remove any files/folders as per the user’s demand. Erase emails from all the Mac Outlook folders Inbox, sender, draft, etc. from the tool itself.

Steps to Delete Multiple Outlook Emails at Once

Download and install the tool from the above link. Then, follow the procedure carefully:

Start the software on Mac OS above the 10.8 version.

  • Step 1. Choose Outlook from the Options under Email Source. Then Enter the account details in the required field.
  • Step 2: Further, press the Next button to proceed.Delete emails from Outlook Mac using MacUncle
  • Step 3. All the email folders will appear on the left panel of the software. Now, select any or all the folders.Choose desired Email file/folder
  • Step 4: Move to Filter Option for the selective deletion of emails from Outlook for Mac account. (As the tool performs deep erasure procedure, without offering a recovery option.) Set the fields of Date Range, From, To, Subject, Body, and email sizeClick Start Erasing to Delete emails from Outlook Mac

    The procedure is completed with a few notification messages about the process and the trial version.

    Demo/Trial Version of the Tool to Delete Emails from Outlook

    Try out the demo version to get a complete overview of the application. The demo version of the toolkit will allow the user to delete over 25 emails from the Outlook Mac account. All the features are included in the trial version except the file number limitation. To overcome the limitation, upgrade the Demo version to professional with the license key.

    Exemplary Features of Tool to Delete Emails from Outlook

    MacUncle software’s motive is to resolve users’ issues and queries with a simple yet efficient solution. Therefore, we come up with utilities with unique features that deliver accurate results. Here are a few of the vital traits of the mentioned tool:

    1. Selective Deletion of Mac Outlook Emails:

    • Filter out the emails before erasing them.
    • Use the advanced filter option to delete emails from specific data or email addresses. This will probably be the one aspect we need.
    • Erase emails from Outlook for Mac with a Filter option for bulk selective Email removal.

    2. Erase Attachments Only: The filter option also has a separate option to erase Email attachments. Email attachments will exceed a particular size; therefore, one can delete the attachment by providing a defined size to the required field.

    3. No Extract Support Required: While working on the application, there is no requirement for any external support or application. No installation of Mac Outlook is required.

    Final Verse

    In Conclusion, in the above blog, we have covered the most requested user solution with a complete illustration. Grab the tool given in the article to delete emails from your Outlook Mac account. With the mentioned application delete emails from Outlook Mac directly without any hassle.


    Q) How do I delete thousands of emails from my Outlook Mac Account?

    A) If you want a complete clean-up, then select all the folders from the scanned folders.

    Q) Do I need to have my Outlook operating while using the tool?

    A) No, EmailRaser is an independent software, which works without the aid or support of any external application.

    Q) Can I run the tool on My OS X 10.13?

    A) Yes, the software works perfectly on all the latest versions above 10.8 Mountain Lion.

    Q) How do I delete all emails before a certain date in Outlook?

    A) The user can set an appropriate date in the software interface and delete the emails from Outlook selectively.

    Q) How to delete emails from Outlook?

    A) To delete emails in Outlook, simply open the inbox or the folders containing the emails you want to delete. Press the delete key on the keyboard or right-click and choose the Delete button.

    Q) Can I delete multiple emails at once in my Outlook account?

    A) Yes. You can delete multiple emails at once. Hold the command button while selecting multiple emails and proceed to delete them using the delete button.