MacUncle Outlook Duplicate Remover

The tool detects duplicates in email messages, contact lists, calendar items, To-do lists, and other Outlook items, and deletes in clicks. Delete Duplicates from PST & OST Files in bulk.

  • Searches Duplicate Outlook Items deletes, and Create Original File
  • Checks Duplicates in Outlook Contact lists, Email Messages, Calendars, etc.
  • Add an entire folder or multiple Files to the PST Duplicate Remover Interface
  • No Limit on Adding Outlook Files to the Software Panel
  • Set Date Range to Delete PST Duplicate Files from Particular Date
  • No MS Outlook Installation is Required at Any Point
  • Outlook Duplicate Remover Process Password Protected PST Files

  • Grab the Ideal Edition as per the Operating System
  • Safe & Secured Outlook Deduplication Procedure

Three Steps of Outlook Duplicate Remover

Outlook Deduplication is Done using the Main Steps

SETUP the Software

Use the *.dmg file to install the toolkit to the Mac System. Also, get the Windows setup file from here. After installation, use the file selection button – Add File/Folder to upload the PST/OST files and folders to the panel respectively. Select the Check box to choose preferred files.

Use Filter Option (Optional)

The program offers Filter options. Navigate to the Filter option and use different settings to selectively remove duplicate files. Setup Date Range, Subject, To & From address, Exclude Empty folders, Process only selected Outlook Items, etc. Again, Go to Saving options.

Remove Duplicates

As a final step opts for a location to store the final product with original data. Otherwise, the tool itself chooses a path i.e., Desktop. Click the Extract button to activate the duplicate deletion process. Further successfully executing Outlook Emails Dedupe the folder with the result will pop up.

Why an Outlook Duplicate Remover for Mac OS

The tool asserts to remove emails and all other items from the files without relying on any email client or applications.

Reduces the Size of Outlook Data Files

Reducing the size of any file will free up desktop space. Most of the PST files consist of repeated email messages, then there comes the use of Outlook Duplicate Item Remover for Mac. The account may freeze and get corrupted due to the Outlook PST file's enormous size.

Speedup Outlook’s Performance

To enhance the slow MS Outlook clear out the duplicate emails from the database and speed up the performance. There won't be any major issues if a few messages are duplicated. However, if you uncover a large number of duplicate emails all of a sudden or if Outlook duplicates emails frequently that causes issues. Duplicate emails impede productivity and are distracting. Export the files and Delete Duplicates from PST or OST files.

Features - Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool

Below listed are the Key Traits of Utility to Delete Duplicates from PST & OST Files

Upload Both PST & OST Files

PST (Personal Storage Files) & OST (Offline folder) are both types of Outlook files that can be added to the software. The duplicate file remover does not limit the type or size of the PST & OST files. Import Emails messages, calendar events, contact lists, to-do lists, Notes, etc.

Detects & Deletes Duplicates from Multiple Files

Add more files to the Outlook Duplicate Email remover tool using the two different options. Select an entire folder with multiple files or multiple individual PST/OST files. In a single duplicate removal procedure, the complete selected files will be checked and processed.

Supports Unicode or ANSI PST Files

When using Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later, the Unicode PST format is used by default. The PST files in Outlook 2002 and prior use the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) naming convention. The software is designed to support UNICODE as well as ANSI files.

Execute without Outlook Installation

While removing duplicates from PST & OST files, the utility does not depend on any other application. Thus, the Outlook Application installation is not required to execute the deletion process. The software supports data files from different versions of Outlook.

Dual Deduplication Options

The tool put forward two efficient ways to search for duplicate files. The options include Remove Outlook Duplicates Within and Across Folders. Using With folders, remove duplicate emails between PST/OST files whereas Across Folder searches and deduplicates files from two or more folders.

Maintain Originality of Outlook Data

Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool vouches to preserve the originality, folder structure & meta information, of the files throughout the procedure. Delete repeating email messages or other Outlook items and create a new file with the original file extension.

Apply Filter Before Outlook Email Deduplication

The most convenient functionality of the tool is Filter Setting. With Filter export only the desired files. The following are the vital setting:

  • Date Filter: Set a date range to delete duplicates only from that date period.
  • From & To: Remove duplicates from PST & OST files from specific Sender or Receiver Email addresses.
  • Exclude Empty Folders: Outlook duplicate Emails remover avoids the empty folder from the interface.
  • Subject: Enter the Subject phrase to eliminate emails with the same subjects.

Browse any Location to Store the Result

Choose any location to save the final product. The default location of the tool is Desktop, either use the default location else opt for any preferred folder as per the need. The final folder will open after the successful completion of the Outlook duplicate item removal process.

Outlook Duplicate Remover - Software Prerequisite

Learn the Software & Hardware Requirements to Launch Outlook Duplicate Item Remover

Software Name: Outlook Duplicate Remover
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 1 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 100 MB of free space
Operating System: X OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and all the latest Editions.

Software Specifications

  • Support: 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, and 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended).
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is Recommended).
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of Free Hard Disk Space Required.


Size: 21.8 MB, Version: 1.0

Product Guides

Software Guide Installation Uninstallation EULA

Free Demo Version

The Demo / Trial Outlook Duplicate Email Remover tool is the testing version for the user to understand how the software works. Add up to 24 files to the tool to remove duplicates. All the important features are added in the Professional version of the tool.

Software Delivery

After payment confirmation, the purchaser will shortly get an email with a download link and activation key for OST/PST Duplicate Remover.

To Customize the Tool

If you need any customization or if you need extra features, request a quote

Watch & Learn how to Remove Duplicates from PST / OST Files

Here is How Outlook Duplicate Remover Works

Customer Review

Outlook Duplicate Email Remover for Mac's Feedback from Esteemed Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Reply to Most Common Questions about PST / OST Duplicate Remover

Start by downloading the PST/OST Duplicate Remover and carry out the below steps:

  • Step 1: Launch the toolkit and upload PST or OST Files
  • Step 2: Press the Next button and choose any files.
  • Step 3: Select the mode of Outlook duplicate Item Removal
  • Step 4: Browse a location to store the output
  • Step 5: Press the Extract button to start the procedure

A log report with complete information and the folder will open up on the screen.

Yes. PST files extracted from any version of MS Outlook are supported in the system.

Yes. Beforehand select the right Outlook deduplication modes. To remove duplicates from PST/OST files in the folder use the “Search duplicate Within the Folders”.

The tool is set to complete the task instantly however, it depends on the number of files and the internet connection.