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Instant Method to Convert HEIC Images to PNG without Losing Quality

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Published On June 18th, 2022 • 3 min read

From the article here get the solution to batch convert HEIC to PNG format on both Mac & Windows OS. Regardless of the number of files perform the conversion and obtain the result within minutes. 

“Hi, is there any software to export HEIC to PNG file formats? I found different online sites to change the file extension but I am not confident enough to upload the files on the sites as the image quality really matters to me. Also, a single file at a time is not something that I want, there are like 50+ files that I need in *.png format.”

You will find a different method online to convert HEIC to PNG in batches. But if the image files are confidential then due to security reasons the online services become invalid. We can’t upload the files to any sites without knowing what they are offering. Therefore, try out the approach we have and obtain the result without modifying the image or the Metadata of image files.  

Batch Convert HEIC to PNG without Altering any Data 

The HEIC Image Converter Tool is the right application to save image captures in iOS devices to PNG format. Create PNG files from HEIC image files with the help of the application. Batch convert the image files in *.heic or *.heif format to *png by preserving the EXIF information. The resolution and the quality of the files are maintained well even after batch conversions. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

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How does the Application Function?

Launch the software on the system and start following the steps given below: 

1. Add *.heic or *.heif image files to the software interface using any of the ADD buttons. Either upload single files at a time or add an entire folder with HEIC files. Press the Next button to proceed. 

Start MacUncle tool to Batch Convert HEIC to PNG

2. The files will get scanned and loaded to the panel for the user to select. Choose any files and again press the Next button. 

Select desired files from the interface

3. As a result, a new tab will open up with different saving options. Select PNG format from the options.

4. Browse Select Destination Location to store the converted HEIC files. 

Choose location to store the converted files

5. Hit the Export button as a final step to initiate the process of conversion. 

That’s it. Wait for a while till the HEIC image files get processed in the application. 


What are the software requirements to set up the application on Mac?

The tool works independently without the assistance of any additional service or applications. However, the software works on all the latest editions of Mac above 10.8 Mountain Lion. 

How can I convert multiple HEIC files to PNG?

Use any of the Add buttons to upload HEIC files to the software interface. 

Where are the converted files stored in the system?

Choose an appropriate location to store the converted files by browsing Select Destination Location. Whereas the tool will store the converted file to the default location – Desktop.  


Why convert single files at once when you can change the *.heic files to *.png in bulk mode. Without losing the image quality one can convert HEIC to PNG using the above-recommended application. Follow the procedure here and get an accurate result without altering the Metadata information.

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