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Migrate Emails and Contacts from Thunderbird to Gmail Account

Mark Briggs | Modified: June 5, 2023| Thunderbird | 4 Minutes Reading

Let’s figure out the strategy to export emails from Thunderbird to Gmail accounts. Here we will discuss the approach that could move emails as well as contacts from the Thunderbird account. Since there are numerous techniques to transfer emails, read the write-up carefully and solve the issue right away.

An open-source desktop email client program is Thunderbird. Users can use it for free. All mailbox information and emails are kept in MBOX file format in Thunderbird. On the other hand, Gmail provides a good amount of storage space, helpful search tools, and global accessibility. By importing it into your Gmail account, you may add all this functionality to your Thunderbird email.

Find out Different Approaches to Export Emails from Thunderbird to Gmail

3 approaches are here in the article. As per the needs, we recommend users choose any of them. However, all of the below approaches work based on some of the other conditions. After getting a depth understanding of the approach, perform the Thunderbird to Gmail migration. The solutions are as follows:

Method #1 Via Gmail Settings 

  • First of all, login into your Gmail account and navigate to the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the See all Setting Option >> Accounts and Import tab.
  • Now press the Import Mail and Contact option.
  • Enter the Thunderbird Mail email address and password.
  • From the options select the files to import to your Gmail account. Press the Start Import icon.
  • Soon, you will get a message – “your messages are being imported”.

Method #2 Using IMAP 

IMAP access, which Gmail provides, stores your emails on a server. Moreover, it makes email import a straightforward drag-and-drop operation. From Thunderbird, copy your emails to Gmail as follows:

Steps to configure Thunderbird to accept Gmail as an IMAP account.

  • Go to the folder where the emails you want to import are located.
  • Choose which messages to import by selecting them.
  • To copy a message, simply right-click on it.
  • Choose Copy To from the menu that appears, then enter your Gmail address and the folder you wish to import the items into, such as the Inbox.
  • To confirm that your messages are where you imported them, you can access your Gmail account from outside of Thunderbird.

Limitations of #1 & #2 Methods: To complete the above two approaches users must follow the steps carefully. We need to check the procedure and then execute them. Moreover, a few files are only allowed to move to another email client. Either Thunderbird application or Gmail is required to work with the above approaches. Thus, to overcome all these loopholes, test the #3 approach.

Method #3 – Perfect Solution for Batch Export Emails from Thunderbird to Gmail

The right software is the Thunderbird Email File Converter. The software is developed to convert or migrate emails from the Thunderbird profile. The whole migration can carry out within the tool itself without any file conversion. All we need to do is select the email files or folder for another mail client.

How Does the Tool Work?

  • Launch and start the application on any of the devices. Choose the options to transfer emails or contacts.

Launch the software to Export Emails from Thunderbird to Gmail

  • Now select an option to add emails from the system. Either the tool itself fetches the emails from the default folder of Thunderbird, or else manually adds the files. Hit the Next button.
  • Here the option “Let me select my Thunderbird mailboxes data” is selected. Thus, all the files will list down, choose any file or folder, and again press the Next button.

Select the desired files

  • Further, click on Gmail from the options and the tool will give the field to enter the Gmail account credentials. Press the login button to move further.

Thunderbird to Gmail migration starts

  • Finally, press the Export button to start the process.

Outline Blog 

Now you can choose any of the methods to forward email from Thunderbird to your Gmail account. With the right method for the right scenario, perform the migration. However, the application recommended here applies to all situations. Effortlessly move the emails or contacts from Thunderbird profile to Gmail accounts.