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Export IMAP to MBOX Files With All or Selective Data

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Published On March 16th, 2023 • 4 min read

Summary: You’ve come to the right web page if you’re looking for a great tool to export IMAP to MBOX. Our goal is to guide you through the simplest three-step process for exporting IMAP files to MBOX. Consequently, if you want to complete such a difficult conversion with a high level of ease, you should read the following information.

The Question

Hello, I’m currently using an IMAP server to manage my data, but for some reason, I’d like to switch to a Thunderbird account. To open IMAP emails in Thunderbird, I must first convert them to MBOX. The issue I’m currently facing is that I’ve searched extensively but haven’t found a satisfactory solution. I’ve previously used MacUncle to convert PST files, so I believe I can also find a good solution to export IMAP emails to MBOX too. Please assist me, MacUncle.

How to Export IMAP to MBOX? The Best Answer

A popular and highly effective tool for converting IMAP emails to MBOX files is the MacUncle IMAP Backup program. It’s a tried-and-true product that guarantees data conversion in bulk while maintaining integrity. One of the best features of this product is that it works with any IMAP-compatible account, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and others. We have covered the step-by-step process below in depth to assist you better understand the tool’s functionality and how to use it to export IMAP to Gmail. So, have a look.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Note: There are numerous MacUncle products available to suit certain user conversion requirements. The IMAP backup tool is just one of the products that the MacUncle provides. There are products like the MacUncle MBOX Converter Tool, and the MacUncle PST Converter Tool. If you need to backup any of the mentioned account / files, you can try and test the tools.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert IMAP Emails to MBOX Files

  • You must run the IMAP to MBOX export Tool after downloading it from the link above. When the tool’s Windows screen displays, input your IMAP credentials (email address and password) into the proper areas.
    run the tool to export imap to mbox
  • At this point, you must navigate and search for your account’s IMAP host name and port number.
    enter imap host and port
  • The tool will now sync with the account and load all of the data into the left pane. You must now pick the folders that you want to transfer and MBOX as the saving format.
    select mbox as saving option
  • At this point, you can use version filters, as shown in the screenshot above, to export only specific emails.
    use filters
  • To export IMAP to MBOX, you must now select the location where you want to save the resulting files and click the Start Email Backup.
    start imap to mbox export

Therefore, with the software, you can export IMAP to MBOX files in this manner. We’ve now covered some of the traits below to give you a better grasp of the tool. Check them out to learn more about the advantages of the tool.

Why to Use MacUncle IMAP to MBOX Converter?

  • Device Compatibility: The IMAP to MBOX file export tool works with all Mac OS devices. The utility is compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, and 10.8 Mountain Lion. You may also download the tool for Windows by clicking the Windows download link above.
  • Export IMAP to MBOX in Bulk: The software can export a limitless amount of data at once in a single cycle. You can convert any number of emails or folders directly into MBOX files without any problems. However, for limitless conversion, you must acquire the license key. The demo version only allows you to convert a limited number of emails from each folder.
  • Browse Location: Instead of saving your output files to a default location; you can search for and pick them using the application. You can use the tool to navigate to the proper spot and store your files to a secure and easily accessible location.
  • Advanced Filters: The tool has a number of filters that allow you to deliver only the data you want. You can use a date range to move emails from a specific time period. You can also use email fields to send emails based solely on that criteria.


You have access to a fantastic tool from us to export IMAP to MBOX. One of the best pieces of software to help you with such a challenging task is MacUncle IMAP Emails Backup Tool. Utilizing the aforementioned link, you can download the tool for free and begin by using the demo version.