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Earthlink to Outlook Migration on Mac Machine – iMac, MacBook, etc.

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Published On July 1st, 2023 • 4 min read
“Hi, I have created a new Outlook account to manage my personal information. And I use an Earthlink account in my workplace. Is there any method to import Earthlink Email to Outlook directly? There are like 500 emails I want to access on my Outlook account. Please suggest any method to do so.”

Like the above-mentioned queries, there is multiple doubt about Earthlink email migrations. Other than transferring to Outlook, users request Earthlink to Gmail migration also. We are about to discuss a straightforward approach to moving the email data from the Earthlink email account. 

Import Earthlink Email to Outlook Account on Mac OS

Trying any manual method will take a large amount of time and does not guarantee any accurate result. Therefore, Email Backup Wizard for macOS is the best solution trusted by the User. With offering a platform to backup multiple email files or migrate emails from the Earthlink account. All the data Contacts, Calendars, Emails, and other information can be imported to Outlook without the help of Outlook installation. To clarify, everything can be done within the tool itself. 

Steps to Transfer Earthlink Emails to Outlook

Here is the procedure to carry out to move the emails from Earthlink to Outlook, Get the trial version on any X OS – iMac, MacBook, etc., and start right away. 

Step 1: Choose Earthlink Webmail from the Email source and enter the credentials of the email account. To proceed press the Login button.

Start the tool to import Earthlink email to outlook

Step 2: As a result, the application will open up a new tab with different settings. All the email files and folders are scanned & loaded on the software screen. Select any of the folders to import. Now, choose the Outlook option from the Select Saving option

Select Outlook from select saving option

Step 3: Soon, two different fields to enter the Outlook account ID and password will appear on the screen. Enter the details in the field.

Enter Outlook Credentials

Step 4: Go to the advanced filter option to import specific email data or messages to Outlook. The Filter option comprises Date range, From, To, and Subject

For Select Earthlink to Outlook Migration

Then, as a final step, click the Start Backup button to initiate the process. 

How the Tool is Different?

What makes a migrator tool a better option than a manual process? The answers are mostly the qualities of the tool to Import Earthlink Email to Outlook:

  • Direct Earthlink to Outlook Migration: As discussed before, the process can be done directly. That is import all the email data from the Earthlink account directly to the Outlook account. A new folder will be created on the Outlook Webmail.
  • No Outlook Installation Required: To operate the tool, there is no requirement for any email client installation or opening the account.  
  • Capable to Transfer all types of email data: All the email data – Contacts, calendars, etc. can be moved without any hassle. 
  • Maintain the Email Structure: While migrating the complete folder, the tool maintains the folder structure of Earthlink emails intact. Thus, the folder hierarchy is not affected. 

Last Point 

In Conclusion, the use of a third-party application is always a great option when it comes to email data migration. As a tool will offer a batch solution to import Earthlink Email to Outlook. While our tool, along with batch migration it also gives a platform transfer directly. 

FAQ – Earthlink Email to Outlook

Does the tool perform conversion & then transfer to an Outlook account?

No, the procedure is a direct method. Import Earthlink Email to Outlook without using any of the email clients. Move the data directly into the Outlook account.

How long does the tool take to import 1000 emails from Earthlink to Outlook?

It depends on the internet connection. Still, MacUncle tools ensure offer a speedy process with 100% accuracy.

Is any need for Outlook installation before using the tool?

No, without the installation of Outlook perform Earthlink to Outlook migration on iMac, MacBook, etc. No requirement for external support.

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