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Import Contacts from Excel Sheet to Mac Address Book

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Published On February 2nd, 2023 • 5 min read

In today’s time’s people have different needs and wants. Many are switching to Mac Systems for their personal or professional work, in this case, they might need to save their old Excel contacts to Mac Address Book. So, this has to be a long and typical procedure, while you cannot do it with a Manual Method. There is no Manual method present on the internet that can teach you to Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book.

In Mac OS, Apple Mail is the email application that Mac users access. Mac Address Book is also available to store contacts on the Machine and do much more. And for communication, you must have protected and supported contacts. Thus, people suffer because they shift from Windows to Mac OS now, they have to move their contacts also to the Mac.

Procedure to Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book

In this article, we would provide you with a Trusted and Robust Method to perform your task and which would give you 100% accurate results. The method is simple and easy to perform, even non-technical users can easily do it without any technical assistance. MS Excel supports XLS or XLSX files to store your data while Mac Address Book only supports the vCard file format. 

Now we have come up with a 2-Step simple process to Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book. In the first step, we would convert the Excel files to vCard file format, and then in the second step, we would further import the vCard file format to Mac Address Book to complete the process. 

The Robust Tool to Export Excel Contacts to Apple Address Book

We have the Exotic Tool to overcome your confusion and differences we have the best tool, Excel to vCard Converter for Mac. The tool directly converts your Excel Spreadsheet to vCard format in just a few clicks. The process is hassle-free and requires none much of your time, the process could be easily completed. The software could be used even by novice users or experts, the process and interface are the same. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

You need not have your MS Excel installed with you, it will convert XLS files to VCF files even without the installation of Excel. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface that enables every user to operate it smoothly. Your task is simple, you just have to give the command to the tool, the rest of the work will be done by the software. The Export of the XLS file will happen with full details into the vCard file, there will be no glitches.  

The Stepwise Guide for you to Convert XLS to vCard 

Step 1: Convert Excel to vCard file format

1. Start the software, Converter on your Mac Machine. 

2. Then add your Excel files to the software using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options present. 

Add Excel File to Import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book

3. Now further if you wish to store the resultant file as per your choice then select it from the Destination path.

Choose a Excel file and import to Apple Address Book

4. And then press the Export button

Convert Excel to vCard

Now you are finally done with the procedure stated in Step 1. You have to perform the next below-mentioned steps to finally complete the entire process. 

Step 2: Import the vCard file to Mac Address Book

  1. Now in your Mac Machine, open the Mail icon to further open Apple Mail. 
  2. Then navigate and hit the Contacts option to open your Contact Address Book. Then further click on the File option and in the menu click the Import option to export contacts from Excel to Mac Address Book. 
  3. Now select the VCF file from the desktop and hit the Open option to import Excel Contacts to Mac Address Book. 
  4. A pop window will appear in front of you to click on Add option

Finally, all the Contacts are imported to your Mac Address Book, you can view it on your Mac Address book. 

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Pro-Features of the Wizard 

Here are some of the major features of the tool: –

  • The tool provides a dual mode to upload XLS files to the utility. 
  • The process will take place with complete details, all the details and information would be converted into a vCard file. 
  • The wizard preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and prevents your data from lost. 
  • You can create a separate VCF file for your separate Excel contact via this tool. 
  • The tool works with all the latest versions of Mac OS above 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I convert more than Excel files with more than 1000 information?

Yes, the tool does not have any limitations while converting Excel files.

Where can I find the contacts after completing the whole process?

Go to the Menu bar on the top of the screen. Select Apple – System Preference – Apple ID

Final Verdict 

The blog explains the process of Import Excel contacts to Mac Address Books. People who have shifted from Windows to Mac OS would prefer it for sure. The mentioned converter tool will complete your process in 2-Simple Steps. The first is to convert the XLS file to vCard and the Second Step includes importing the vCard file to Mac Address Book.