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Import Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook Mac – Solve in Top 6 Ways

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Published On January 18th, 2024 • 8 min read

Import Export option greyed out in New Outlook Mac? Not a big deal! If your export option greyed out in Outlook Mac new, then you are on the right page. We are excited to introduce you to the best 6 solutions to fix export button greyed out Outlook Mac error. Here you will find step-by-step process to this error arising in New Mac Outlook with the most easiest techniques. Ready? Let’s start…

Number of Mac Outlook users facing the same problem since they have switched to an updated version of Outlook Mac. Therefore, somehow New Outlook is not showing old Outlook user’s data properly. Hence they are even unable to use the key features Import and Export of Outlook. However it has now become challenging for users since new import export option greyed out Outlook Mac New and they are unable to export their emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

Well, you do not have to worry about it, as we have solved the error “Import Export Greyed Out in New Mac Outlook” and we are happy to explain to you how. But before we get into the solution, let’s know why is export greyed out in Outlook Mac in the first place.

Why is Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook Mac?

  • New Outlook for Mac is released by Microsoft without Import and Export option. With this some other features are also in coming soon queue.
  • If your import export option greyed out Outlook Mac, it might be because your app language is different from the system language.
  • Further more, in trial versions, the import/export feature is often disabled, so it won’t work during the demo.
  • If your admin group blocks certain features in Mac Outlook, the import export option will be grayed out.
  • Outlook needs regular updates. If it’s not up to date for months, features may not work properly.
  • Uninstalling unnecessary plugins or add-ons can also cause this problem.
  • Large OLM file sizes can make Outlook options inaccessible.
  • Unexpected virus attacks can also disable export option in Outlook.

Note: Microsoft keeps making new updates in Outlook to enhance productivity and add more useful features. Since Microsoft has launched Import export option greyed out in Outlook Mac. However, Microsoft will soon fix this issue. Till then users can take help of authentic applications.

How to Solve “Import Export Option Greyed Out Outlook Mac” Error?

There is not only a simple method to resolve error export option greyed out in Outlook Mac, hence you can do it in several ways. We have provided all the solutions step-by-step below:

Solution-1: Switch to the Old Version of Outlook for Mac

  1. Simply connect your Mac to the internet and open Mac Outlook.
  2. Navigate to the Outlook button from the top bar and choose click on New Outlook.
  3. Just after clicking on New Outlook, you will see a pop-up message that will ask you to “Are you sure you want to revert to the legacy version of Outlook”, Click on “Revert” option.
  4. Now hit the File tab where you can see the Import and Export option.
  5. Choose the Export button, and select the data you want to export.

Solution-2: Check for Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook Mac

Hence, legacy version of Outlook often shows several errors. One such error is Outlook Mac export option is disabled. Follow these steps to update your Outlook outdated version:

For Outlook Mac application

  1. Open the App store on your Mac computer.
  2. Navigate to the search bar and search for Outlook.
  3. Hit the update button.

For Apple Outlook.com

  1. Navigate to Mac Outlook.com and to the Menu bar.
  2. Click on Help the select Check for update.
  3. Hit the Update Now button if your export option greyed out in Outlook Mac.

Solution-3: Ensure your Mac OS is Updated

Although, one more reason for export option greyed out in Outlook Mac can also lie in your system. If your Mac is not updated, it may often create these errors. I should immediately update your Mac if your import export option unavailable in Mac Outlook. Follow these steps:

For Ventura and later Versions of Mac OS

  1. Go to System settings and click on the general button.
  2. Navigate to software update then click on check for updates.
  3. If it’s not up to date, click on the update now button.

For Monterey and Earlier Versions of Mac OS

  1. Go to System Preferences then select Software update.
  2. Next, Just like above step, click on update button if it’s not updated.

Solution-4: Check If Mac Outlook Missed to Detect Damaged File

Sometimes Outlook has problems with its data file. To fix it, you can use Microsoft’s in-built tool which is specially designed to repair corrupt or damaged Outlook PST files called Scanpst.exe. It’s like a doctor for Outlook.

Start Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode to check if the “Work Offline” option is greyed out due to an incompatible add-in. Before proceeding, close the Outlook. Follow these steps to fix export option greyed out in Outlook Mac:

  1. Press and hold the “Command” key, then press R.”
  2. Type “Outlook.exe/safe” and press “Enter.”
  3. Outlook will start in safe mode to fix Import export option is disable.
  4. Click on “File,” then select “Options,” and go to “Add-Ins.”
  5. Click “Go” in the “Manage COM Add-Ins” section.
  6. Disable each add-in by clearing them and click “OK.”
  7. Restart Outlook for Mac as you normally would.

Solution-5: Import/Export Feature Deactivated by Admin

Import export features can be inactive if it’s disable by the Admin. To resolve this , you need to contact the administrator to address the issue.

Solution-6: Instant Solution to Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook Mac

If the five manual solutions don’t work to fix the issue of the Outlook Mac export option is disable, you can try using the Mac Outlook Database Recovery Tool. This tool is effective and secure, allowing you to export data directly from your Outlook Profile. It automatically detects your configured Outlook profile and adds all the data to the panel.

Additionally, the tool provides options to transfer Outlook emails, calendars, contacts, and other data to various file formats or email services. You can export Outlook to Thunderbird profile and save emails as PDF, PST, EML, CSV, HTML, TXT, and MBOX files. Apart from this, you can save contacts in VCF and calendars in ICS format.

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Steps to Export Mac Outlook Data with Tool

Rather than stressing yourself using different methods to fix export option greyed out in Outlook Mac, directly use the tool to easily export your Outlook data.

Note: This method works for exporting old Mac Outlook data, not for new Outlook data.

Step-1: Firstly, Download and install the software on your Mac and then open it.

Step-2: Once you open the tool, you will see four options available to add Outlook PST files:

  • Auto-Locate Mac Outlook 2019/2016/Office 365
  • Auto-Locate Mac Outlook 2011 Identities
  • Browse Mac Outlook Profile/Identity folders or OLK Files
  • Browse Mac Outlook Archive (.olm) Files

Choose the option that suits your needs to instantly solve import export option greyed out Outlook Mac in Mac.

Step-3: Afterwards, you complete adding all the files, the software will start scanning.

Step-4: Choose an export option from the list of 11 options. For example, select PST file format. Use Advanced Settings and Filters for customization.

Step-5: Lastly, Browse the destination path to save data and click Export.


Overall, Microsoft recently released a Outlook New for Mac, but people are having trouble moving their files because the export option greyed out in Outlook Mac. In the steps above, we made it simple for you to deal with the issue of the Outlook import export disabled out in the new Outlook for Mac. You can download the software we mentioned to easily export all your data from the new Outlook for Mac, even if the regular export option is not available.

FAQs for Import Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook Mac:

Q. Why import export option greyed out Outlook Mac new?

A. Microsoft is still working on it. They’re fixing some things, and importing/exporting is one of them.

Q. Is the same issue causing in all Mac Outlook versions?

A. No, Outlook Mac export greyed out just in the new Outlook for Mac.

Q. Can I enable the Import Export option in Mac Outlook with Settings?

A. Certainly, however it’s tricky and might cause issues. Similarly, it’s easier to use the utility we talked about for exporting data.

Q. Is there any other way to export Mac Outlook data?

A. Yes, use the tool we mentioned if you’re facing the export option greyed out in Outlook Mac issue. It makes exporting data easy.