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Migrate Emails from Alibaba Mail on Apple Computer

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Rollins Duke
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Published On September 6th, 2023 • 4 min read

Wondering how to migrate Emails from Alibaba Mail. Do not worry try out the technique mentioned here to transfer emails from Alibaba Cloud locally to a Mac hard drive or any other email client. Read the complete article to gain insight into the direct and safe migration method. 

“Hi, I have been searching for a tool to get emails from Alibaba Mail on my Mac Mojave. Since I couldn’t find any technique to do the same, Could you please provide a solution to transfer emails from Alibaba Mail? A third-party tool is much appreciated.”

Opting for an email migration could be any reason from person to person. Therefore, keeping the above-mentioned scenario, let’s learn more about the migration technique. 

Overview Alibaba Mail 

Alibaba Mail is a service for managing emails and is used commonly in the Backing industry and mid-size companies. It includes a lot of essential features, such as tools like the integrated calendar – to see timetables, and availability, and arrange meetings or events accordingly. It also provides a collaborative software solution, which is quite crucial.

Alibaba Mail is only utilized in a few departments, although it is widely used. It is currently the only email service that supports public cloud services. It is intelligent and efficient, and a secure mailing platform, which is critical for us. The calendar is another useful tool for inviting guests and keeping everything on track. Now, learn how to get or migrate Emails from Alibaba Mail service on the Apple computer in the simplest way possible. Go through each section to get a complete overview of the application.

How to Migrate Emails from Alibaba Mail on Mac OS?

Use IMAP Backup Software to extract email data. The tool collects all of the essential information from Alibaba’s cloud. The evaluation procedure begins when you create an Alibaba account. It allows you to pick and choose what you want to migrate. After that, the migration tool creates a custom log report for the process. Data was saved locally by the application without the need for any additional support. 

Procedure to Get Email Data from Alibaba Mail

1. Start the Application on the Apple computer of Mac edition above 10.8 Mountain Lion.

migrate emails from Alibaba Mail on Mac

2. Enter the Alibaba Mail credentials to the required field – Email Address & Password. Enter IMAP details – IMAP Host – imap.sg.aliyun.com and IMAP Port – 993. Hit the login button.

Enter IMAP details for Alibaba email services

4. Now, select any file format or IMAP option as per the requirement. If a file format, choose an appropriate destination location to store the files. 

5. Optional – Go to the filter option and set up the needed fields such as Date Range, From, To, etc. for selective Alibaba migration. 

for selective migration

6. Finally, press the Start Backup button to initiate the process of migrating from Alibaba Mail. 

Soon all the files will be saved or migrated as per the user’s demand. A few notifications regarding the successful migration and trial version appear on the screen.

Some of the Traits of Migrate Alibaba Webmail

The above-mentioned tool has multiple features for migrating emails and all other data from Alibaba Webmails. Here are some of the vital features:

  • Direct options to backup emails: The tool mentioned here can be used to move the emails from Alibaba mail to other email clients. The Aliyun Mail migration tool has all the important features that one must have to get emails and other data to any other email client. 
  • Quick solution to Migrate Emails from Alibaba: The automated method will let the user get the desired result within a few simple clicks. From selecting the required email files to migration everything can done without technical expertise.
  • Get 15+ Email Clients Options: Migrate Emails from Alibaba Mail to any email client such as Office 365, Google Workspace, etc.
  • Filter before Migration: Export the emails of a specific date range to transfer all the email data from Aliyun Webmail. We can move the emails from particular email addresses. 

Trial Version  

With our free demo version migrate 25 emails from the Alibaba Mail account on Mac. The demo packages let the user understand the features and the workings of the tool. Upgrade to the professional or the standard package using the link below. Then, migrate unlimited files from the Alibaba cloud without any restrictions. 


We hope you have got the solution. The recommended software is the direct method for emails to migrate emails from Alibaba Mail on Mac OS. Carry out the steps mentioned in the article to move emails from the Alibaba cloud. Either perform a batch or select migration of email data using the tool. In both cases, the solution is 100% accurate.