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How to Import Emails from Rackspace to Gmail Account on Mac OS?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On August 17th, 2023 • 4 min read

Learn the possible way to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail on Mac Machines. Here we will provide the setup to test the application and how to use it in a simple procedure. Before proceeding, read some of the queries of users on Rackspace to Gmail Migration.

Hi, I have used the Rackspace account for over 5 years. Thus, my email data is over 60GB. Which program will help to import emails from Rackspace to Google account directly?
Recently I tried to import emails from the Rackspace account using some of the tools. But couldn’t complete the task, as my mailboxes are larger than expected. Could you please help me with any tool to migrate emails from Rackspace to a Google mail account?

In both, the queries user are stuck in a phase where they have to move batches of emails to their Gmail account. Some other cases are when there is a need for selective migration of emails from a specific date, sender, or receiver. 

Rackspace Webmail has several features as an email client, such as sending and receiving messages, signatures, and email forwarding. You can use a webmail interface to check and manage your email with Rackspace Email. Webmail allows you to access your email without installing any software.

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Migrate Rackspace Email to Gmail Account 

Get Rackspace Backup Wizard on Mac OS to move the emails from Rackspace to the Google account. The utility allows the batch transfer of emails from the Rackspace account directly to Gmail or another email client. Just with the tool, move all email data to Gmail without any further conversion. All folders/subfolders can be migrated without any glitches. 

Get the trial version, to understand the working and the features offered by the program during the conversion. With the demo/trial version migrate 25 emails from Rackspace webmail including attached documents of any format – Doc, PDF, PPT, etc. 

How to Operate the Application

The following is the procedure to run the application on macOS.

Launch the application and enter the credentials into the required field. Click on the Login button to move further. 

Use the tool to migrate Rackspace email to Gmail

With minutes all the folder from Rackspace is scanned & loaded under the Email folder. Users are free to choose any of the folders as per the choice. 

Choose desired folder

Then, go to the Select Saving option and click on Gmail. Further, enter the email address & password of your Gmail account. 

Select Gmail and enter details of Gmail account

For selective Rackspace to Gmail migration, go to the Filter option. Set up the requirement – Date Range, To, From, etc.

Filter option for selective migration

As the final step, click on Start Backup

Therefore, all the files & folders are transferred to Gmail account in no time. From the procedure, it is clear that the process gives a direct migration of the email files. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the article covers the complete information regarding “Migrate Rackspace Email to Gmail”. Try the method if the requirement is to transfer multiple emails in a single attempt. Due to different reasons, users seek a solution to import emails from Rackspace to Gmail. 

Common Questions

Can I use the tool to just import the contacts from Rackspace to Gmail?

Yes, of course, choose the contact folder before starting the migration. 

Does the folder support Mac OS 10.14 Mojave?

Yes, the tool works on all the recent versions of MAC OS above 10.8 Mountain Lion. 

Do I need to access Rackspace Webmail while operating the tool?

No, there is no requirement for any other services or applications.