How to Transfer Emails from Yandex Account to Gmail on Macintosh OS?

Mark Briggs | December 1st, 2022 | Mac OS X, Yandex

Today we will discuss how effortless can we migrate Yandex to Gmail on Mac Machines. We are taking this topic as recently Yandex users are searching for a different method to import the email to another email client for the ease of email management and other benefits. 

Yandex & Gmail Webmail

Yandex developed a free email service – Yandex.Mail. The Webmail Yandex is considered to be one of the common email services among Gmail. It offers multiple functions like reminders, message templates, and keyboard shortcuts. It also has features like auto-converting the language and a search option for the messages. 

Gmail is not new to us. Around 1.5 billion active users are currently using Gmail as their prime or a second Mailing service. The Gmail service is used vastly due to its rich and authentic features to manage email data and other important information. With a single Google account, one can get access to different Google Apps including Classroom, Collection, Google one, Podcasts, etc. 

Apart from the features offered by Yandex, the user might have other reasons to import the email to Gmail, migrate Yandex to Office 365, etc. Therefore, considering all the scenarios we have illustrated two different methods to migrate the emails. Get two different methods from the article.

Migrate Yandex to Gmail on Mac Devices

For batch or complete migration of emails from a Yandex Account to Gmail, download the application Yandex Backup for Mac is competent. Migrate all folders in Yandex Mail to a Google account using the direct method. Select the desired folder before starting the process which will let the user migrate a particular folder at once. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Before Purchase tries the free version of the application by importing 25 email data from the Yandex account to Gmail. After migration go to your Gmail account to check the imported file. A new folder with the name of the brand will appear preserving the folder structure intact. Then, later purchase the license key to upgrade the software to its professional version.

Steps to Operate the Tool with Screenshot

Download the setup from the above link and install it to macOS 10.8, Mountain Lion. Start the tool right after the installation without any trouble.

Step 1. Select Yandex from Email Source. Enter credentials to the required field – Email Address & Password. Click the login button. 

Start the tool to Migrate Yandex to Gmail on Mac

Step 2. As a result, all the folder of Yandex Mail displays on the screen. From there choose any folder and go to the Select Saving option

Choose any folder and select Gmail option

Step 3. After that select Gmail. Now, the tool will provide a different field to enter the credentials of a Gmail account. 

Enter Gmail credentials to import Yandex to Gmail

Step 4. Go to the Filter option to select Yandex to Gmail Migration. 

For selective Yandex to Gmail Migration on Mac

Step 5. Finally, press Start Backup to start migrating Yandex to Gmail on Mac.

That’s it. 

Manual or Common Method to Transfer Yandex to Gmail on Mac

For migrating or move any email data from one email client to another, there will always be a standard or a manual method to do so. Carry out the steps mentioned here to migrate Yandex to Gmail Account on Mac:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and go to the setting by pressing the Gear button on the top corner.
  • Click on See All Settings.
  • Now, go to Accounts & Import and go to Import Mail and Contacts.
  • Then, a tab with a field will appear to enter the mail address. Enter Yandex Email address.
  • Further, select the files/folder to import and hit the Done button. 

In a few minutes, all the selected files will be transferred to a Gmail account. 

Limitation: The process will take 2 -3 days to complete if the account has a large amount of email data. Most importantly, it is applicable only to import inbox folder migration.

Why Choose MacUncle Tool?

From the listed limitations of the manual process, it is clear that an automated or third-party application is the best way to move bulk email data. Other than offering batch migration of Yandex Mail to Gmail MacUncle also has the following listed features,

  • No Need for Prerequisites: To run the tool, the user does not need to install or get assistance from other sources. Execute the process by and within the tool itself without any interruption. 
  • Direct Transfer: The tool offers a field to enter the details of a Gmail account. That implies, the process is direct. All the Yandex folders are migrated to Gmail account without any conversion but direct migration. 
  • Preserves Folder Hierarchy: After the completion of the process, a new folder is created in the Gmail account with all the Yandex folders in the proper hierarchy. 


Choose any method and perform the migration of email files. The manual method or the traditional method is recommended for migrating single email files or Index folders to a Gmail account. For multiple emails, data migration uses the automated tool which offers batch Yandex to Gmail.