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Open EML File in Chrome using the Best Expertise Solution

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Published On June 3rd, 2024 • 3 min read

EML files are email messages saved in a format used by various email clients such as Thunderbird., Outlook, etc. Thus, these emails can be easily opened with the respective email client. Here we will walk you through different methods to open EML file in Chrome.

Understanding EML Files

EML files are file format essentials used to save email messages by preserving the HTML and An .eml file often contains the following pieces of information: Content of an email message, Subject line, Sender information, Recipient information, Date of the message, Attachments, such as images or document files, Hyperlinks, etc.

Why Can’t We Open EML in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser; therefore, it does not support offline email files. EML files are formatted for email clients. Chrome does not support the EML format which means it does not have the built-in function to read and render the content for these files. Also, the security concerns are one of the reasons. Opening EML files directly in a web browser could pose significant security risks.

The reason is simple the web browser does not support any email file format therefore, switching the file to a browser-compatible format is the best option.

How to Open EML Files in Chrome Instantly?

Use the EML file Converter to change the file format to a browser-supporting format. That is the HTML or MHTML file format. As per the requirement choose the file format and easily convert the files. The whole conversion can be done within the software interface without assistance. Get the software from the below links and switch the EML files to Web browser-compatible file format.

How to Open EML File in Google Chrome?

  • Start the software and add EML Files to the interface using the Add buttons.

start macuncle tool

  • Select the desired file using the check box corresponding to the file. Press the Next button.
  • Now, choose HTML or MHTML file format from the Saving Option.

choose html to open eml file in chrome

  • Select a location to store the converted files.

set a destination location

  • Press the Export button to start the conversion.

The HTML file will be generated in no time. Then simply double-click on the HTML file to open EML files in Chrome.

Also, check out the solution for “How to Import EML Files into Gmail

Why Should I Get a Tool to Open EML File in Browser?

Using the suggested software to open EML files in Google Chrome or any browser has multiple perks. Here are some of the major software features:

  • Convenience: The tool offers a simplified approach to switching the file format. The whole process can be done quickly and easy to transfer EML files into another format.
  • Security: With these tools’ efficient conversion, you will also get a completely secure approach and reduce the risk of losing any data while conversing.
  • Different options: You can change the file format i.e., HTML and MHTML. As per the requirement, the user can choose any web file format and then open the EML file in Google Chrome.
  • No Addition Support Required: We can access the files without additional support after switching to the desired format. Also, the toolkit does not require any further support to operate.


With the right steps, opening an EML file on Chrome or any web browser is a simple task. Here we have mentioned the most useful and standalone method to read the EML email files without the help of any email client.