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Transfer Emails from SquirrelMail to Outlook on Mac OS

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Published On August 28th, 2023 • 4 min read

To migrate or add SquirrelMail to Outlook on Mac is now simpler than ever. Now use a single application and move all the required folders to the Microsoft Outlook account with ease. Get the detailed procedure with the set-up file of the application. 

“Hi, is there any method to Migrate SquirrelMail data to Outlook? As I have used the account for so long that it has around 5GB of data. Now I want some of my important emails to Outlook account.”

The email migration is a tedious task if the data size is more than you expect. Therefore, MacUncle has come up with the Email Backup Software to import/transfer or save email files locally to the Mac hard drive. To know more about the tool, keep up with the article.  

How to Migrate SquirrelMail to Outlook on Mac?

The suggested tool will help to move emails from SquirrelMail to Outlook account on Mac OS. The procedure is simple to execute as the application is for all users with or without technical skills. Select the desired folder before starting the migration process, which will let the user migrate a single folder like Inbox, Send, Contact, etc. 

From here try out the free version and then later purchase the upgraded version of the application. With the trial version, transfer 25 emails from SquirrelMail to MS Outlook directly. 

Follow the step-by-step Procedure: 

Start the tool and select SquirrelMail Webmail from Email Source. In the field Email address & Password, enter the SquirrelMail details. Then, click on the login button.

Start the tool to SquirrelMail to Outlook on Mac

All the folders will load on the left panel of the tool [Email Folders]. Choose any folder and go to the Select Saving option

Select any Squirrelmail emails

Further, choose Outlook Option or PST Format. If the Outlook option is selected, then enter Outlook account credentials to the required folder. [Here we will show the direct migration method].

Choose Outlook to migration SquirrelMail to Outlook

For selective migration of SquirrelMail emails to Outlook go to the Filter option. Set up the required field like Subject, To, From, etc. 

Move selective Emails from SquirrelMail

As a final step press Start Backup

There you go. Now, all the files will be transferred to Outlook directly without any extra import method. To convert the emails to an Outlook data file, select the PST format. 

Get the tool PST Converter for Mac 

Essential Features of the Tool

All MacUncle tools have unique features and present the best solution for Mac users. When it comes to email migration tools, we provide the following features. 

  • Batch Migration: The complete SquirrelMail account to Outlook, either directly or after converting the emails to PST format. Multiple email files or folders can be migrated without any trouble, resulting in 100% accuracy.
  • Transfer Emails Directly: Transfer the email data directly to the account. The procedure mentioned in the article is a direct method, where there no conversion process takes place. Migrate all the selected email data to the account within the tool itself.
  • Advanced Filter option: The filter option is to move the emails selectively with the help of standard email components. Users can set up any field such as Subject, To, From, etc. 
  • Live Migration with Log Report: The process starts within the tool with live migration. Users can store or pause the process if required. After completion, a log report of the whole migration will be provided by the software. 


Whether the requirement is conversion or migration, the recommended tool is the best for MAC users. Get the tool and perform the migration using the steps mentioned here. SquirrelMail to Outlook on Mac is now simple as it seems with the help of the tool. All or selective emails can be moved without any hassle.

FAQs – SquirrelMail to Outlook Tool

Do I need to have Outlook installed on my current system?

Not required. Without the installation of Outlook, the tool works perfectly on any Mac system. 

What if I only want to import emails from a particular id or organization?

Go to the Filter option, enter the email address to migrate the emails from a particular ID.

Does this tool only transfers emails from SquirrelMail?

The software is developed to migrate all the data from an email account to another. Therefore, forward emails as well as other important data from Squirrelmail to Outlook.