How to Import Emails from COX WebMail to Gmail Account?

Mark Briggs | March 4th, 2022 | COX, Mac OS X


The article has the solution to transfer COX email to Gmail accounts. Get the email data from one email server to another with the simplest method possible. 

“I am trying to move emails from COX webmail to my new Google account. As I am aware of the import option offered by Gmail. But the whole files will be transferred with the method. What I am planning is to transfer COX Email to Gmail in a selective manner. There are some important data I want in my Google account. Please guide me with a transfer solution.” 

Cox Communications is a telecommunications company based in the United States that provides free email access to its high-speed Internet clients. WebMail is a service provided by Cox Communications as part of its Internet services for both residential and commercial customers. In their WebMail application, Cox provides numerous options for email backup. Gmail on the other hand is one of the most used mailing clients. Due to its precise email benefits and features, users are more inclined towards Gmail. 

Now find out what program will help to transfer COX emails to Gmail accounts in batches.

Most Trusted Approach to Transfer COX Email to Gmail 

Use the software Email File Backup Tool to move emails from one online webmail to another account. The program has multiple file formats with which users can switch the files to different native formats. The email files will scan and load to the interface from where the user can choose the file as per the demand. 

Click on the download link to get the trial version:

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Steps to Follow while using the Application

1. Open the software and select the COX from Email Source

2. Enter the account credentials to the software panel in the required field. Press the Login button to start the procedure. 

Open the tool to Transfer COX Email to Gmail

3. All the email files and folders will scan and load to the left panel. Click on the check box to corresponding email files/folders.

Select the required COX files or folders

4. Now, click on the Select Saving option and choose Gmail from the drop-down list. As a result, the application will provide fields to enter the account credentials. 

Choose Gmail option

5. From the top menu, click on the Filter option for selective migration of COX email to Gmail. Set up the field such as Date Range, From, Subject, and To. Advanced filter options: Export only send folder and Exclude exporting email body content and attachments

Set a filter for selective COX to Gmail migration

6. Go back and press the Start Backup to begin the migration of emails from COX to Gmail. 

Soon all the emails will transfer to Google account in no time by maintaining the email structure and the META data. 

Some Important Benefits of COX to Gmail Migrator

The software to transfer COX emails to Gmail possesses multiple traits when it comes to email migration. 

  • Quick Scan & Load: The application follows the algorithm that scans and loads the files in COX Mail and loads them to the interface. Before starting the process, one can easily select the folder effortlessly. 
  • Collective Email Data Transfer: Since the tool displays the complete folders in COX webmail, the whole folder can be migrated to the Gmail account. There will be no need to repeat the process, perform the collective email file transfer. 
  • Filter and Migrate Essential File Only: For selective migration of emails from one place to the other user the advanced feature – Filter option. With the filter option transfer emails using the Date range, To, From, etc. 
  • Standalone Software Solution: To work on the software there will be no need for an additional application. At any point of the migration, the software does not demand any application or requirements. 

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Final Verdict

To conclude, transfer COX email to Gmail with MacUncle to get the right solution. The email folders such as inbox, sent, draft, spam, etc. can be easily moved to Google account with the recommended application. Regardless of the type, size, use the software to move folders of emails to another online email client. Since the process here is direct migration, there will be no alteration to the email folders.