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How to Transfer Rediffmail to Gmail Account in Batches?

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Published On November 9th, 2023 • 4 min read

Are you searching for a better option to move all your emails from Rediffmail to your Google Mail account? Then you are at the right spot. From here find out how effortlessly one can transfer Rediffmail to Gmail on the Machine. The write-up is explained to all the users with or without technical expertise. 

Before, going to the solution let’s see what makes the Rediff Mail user switch from their current email client to a Google account.  

Need to Perform Rediffmail to Gmail Migration

The migration of email data from one place to another could vary from a personal choice to a professional need. Therefore, let’s see what could be the major reasons for transferring Rediffmail to Gmail accounts.

  • As the migration is to a Gmail account, it is quite clear to an extent, that the user is looking for a better and more advanced workspace for their email data. 
  • Gmail offers multiple features and it is updated very often with highly demanding features. 
  • Email management is very efficient and provides 100% secure email transmission. 

Best Tool to Transfer Rediffmail to Gmail 

For batch migration, get Email Backup Software. The software offers a medium to transfer emails from one client to another. Choose Rediffmail Webmail from the email source and then follow the steps mentioned in the coming section. With the software, import complete email data from Rediff Mail directly.

The process does not include any need for a Gmail or Rediffmail mail account. If any authentication error occurs, go to Gmail Settings & set up the required settings. 

Steps to Operate the Tool to Convert Rediffmail to Gmail

Before proceeding, download and set up the application. Then, carry out the steps one by one: –

  • Select Rediffmail from the Select Saving option and enter the account credentials to the Email ID & password field. Hit the login button right below.  Get the tool to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail
  • The tool will then follow up with a new window having all the folders of the Rediffmail account on the right side of the panel. Select the needed folder and then choose the Gmail option.  Choose desired folder from Rediffmail
  • Now, enter the Gmail details on the required fields to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail on Mac or Windows.  Select Gmail option
  • Go to the selective migration option – Filter option. And set up the desired field.  Advanced filter option for selective Rediff Mail to Gmail migration
  • Finally, hit the Start backup button to start the migration of emails from Rediffmail to the Gmail account. 

How to Transfer Rediffmail to Gmail Manually?

The manual or the common method to import emails from Rediffmail to Gmail is the following:

  • Go to Rediffmail and sign in to the email account. Now, go to “My settings”. 
  • Following that go to “Auto Forward” or “Forward your Emails”.
  • Enter the Gmail ID in the field and then save the settings. 
  • As the last step hit “Start forwarding my emails”.
  • Soon all the emails will migrate to Gmail accounts.

Why #Method 1 is Recommended?

After thoroughly reading the steps, it is clear that both methods are poles apart. When moving email data from one place to another, ensure to perform the procedure that offers complete security. The automated method is the highly recommended solution among the tools as it solves all the issues related to Rediffmail to Gmail. 


The article is an all-in-one solution to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail on Mac computers. With the help of any of the mentioned methods, migrate email data from Rediff Mail to the account. From the two different approaches, the suggested method is the automated method. With this moving contacts, calendars, and other data are effortless.