How to Archive Outlook for Mac Files to PST Format on Mac OS?

Mark Briggs | December 16th, 2022 | Mac OS X, Outlook for Mac [OLM]

Every Mac user is looking for a simple solution to Archive Outlook for Mac to PST format. Users’ have different reasons to archive Outlook for Mac files to PST format.

To get the files and folders from Mac Outlook Manually is a bit tricky as compared to the direct method. Using the method shown in the article you will get all the files in with accuracy. Download the Outlook for Mac email file along with the attached documents too.

Reasons for Outlook Mac (OLM) Conversion

Windows Outlook does not support OLM files. So, if you want to how download Mac Outlook mail to windows outlook, you need to change the files extension of Outlook for Mac to PST, and then import the PST file to Outlook for Windows. So, if a user moves from Outlook for Mac to Windows, then they have to change the file extension.

Having a backup of Outlook for Mac Mail locally on the computer is a good idea. Emails are the most common way of communication in the professional sector. If you are using a Mac computer for a specified amount of time and want to switch to Windows Outlook then read the complete article to find out the best conversion method. 

Archive Outlook for Mac to PST – Instant Solution

The tool we can use is OLM to PST Batch Converter to store email data from Outlook for Mac 2016 to PST i.e., to Windows Outlook. This tool is one of the perfect software services for Mac Machines. The process of the software can be performed by any user with or without technical knowledge. As the software GUI is built by considering the clients’ ease to use of the application. The software has no compatibility issues and supports both Outlook and Mac OS versions.

Get the application with the help of the below-given link:

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Switch *.olm Files to *.pst format 

1: Launch the tool on Mac OS above 10.8 Mountain Lion edition. 

2: Select Mac Outlook 2016 files from the system to the Software using Add File(s) or Add Folder(s).

Archive outlook for mac to PST using MacUncle Tool

3: Choose the Outlook PST Format from Select Saving Options.

Choose PST option to Outlook for Mac Export to PST format

4: Generate separate PST files if required & choose the destination path.

Broswe Destination location save resultant file

5: Click the Export button to start the process to archive Outlook for Mac to PST. Some messages and a log document are provided by the software.

The Archive process Completes

As a result of closing the log file, the software previews the folder where the resultant PST files are stored. From here check all the .pst files so formed.

From these steps, it is clear that archiving Outlook for Mac to PST is effortless and you will get the accurate result from the email files.

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Eminent Features of the Software

While performing the process of saving Mac Outlook files to PST format the software possesses a wide variety of aspects. Here are some features of the tool –

  • Result in Few Minutes

Archive Outlook for Mac to PST in a few simple clicks and from which you will get accurate results in the end. The conversion is a three-phase conversion in which all users have to do is choose the Outlook for Mac 2016 or 2011 files, select the PST format, and then click the Export button on the Software screen. The result PST files will appear on the screen without any modification to the email files.

  • Double Option to Upload OLM Files

The software has two distinct options for selecting the Mac Outlook files, such as Add File(s) and Add Folder(s). Most importantly, both functions are the same as selecting Outlook for Mac files and the difference is that the Add File(s) enables the user to select OLM files while Add Folder(s) helps select the directories that contain OLM files.

  • Get Both Selective & Batch Conversion

With this Converter Wizard, for every .olm file, you don’t have to undergo the same conversion again and again. You can archive bulk Mac Outlook 2016 or any version into PST format in one single attempt. With these algorithms, the program works to handle the conversion of many files. Those features will help those who need an instant multi-file solution.

  • Maintain the Email Structure

Outlook for Mac 2016 email files contains a variety of email messages and components, such as the subject, To, From, Date, Signature, etc. The tool to archive Outlook for Mac to PST save the entire Outlook email files by retaining the properties and elements of the mailboxes. Get the exact result without altering the email files in Outlook.

Frequently Asked Question

Does this tool archive Outlook Mac emails directly from the account?

No, one must have Outlook for Mac 2016 Mail emails saved locally. Use Email Backup Tool for Mac for the same. 

Does the tool support Mac Outlook emails from the 2019 edition?

Yes, the tool supports all OLM files from different Outlook for Mac Versions.

Can I use the tool without Outlook for Mac installation?

Yes, Of course, the tool works independently without the assistance of an outside application.


From this article, you will get the best solution to archive Outlook for Mac to PST. The tool comes with advanced features to change the .olm formatted files and also has both Demo & Pro versions. Get the Demo version to test the tools working and then, later upgrade to the Pro version to save unlimited files to Outlook PST format.