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Convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac OS | Instant Yet Efficient Solution

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Published On June 30th, 2022 • 4 min read

Let’s learn about the procedure to convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac OS Machine. The steps henceforth in the article will describe what program or technique will export the image files to *.tiff format. 

Since September 2017 iOS 11 was launched the default image saving options on iPhones and iPads are in *.heic format. The standard JPG format is now replaced with the HEIC format. The file extension offers better compression simultaneously offering high image quality. TIFF is the industry standard for rasterized pictures and print data transmission. The TIFF specification is easily extendable, although it loses part of its mobility as a result.

The reason for the conversion of HEIC files to TIFF depends on the user. Learn from the below query to know the situation you are right in.

Realtime User Queries 

“Hey, does anyone know any application to convert HEIC files to TIFF format? If I search on the internet, I might end up using those online services. But I don’t need any of those sites to get my details while converting the files. Could anyone help me to save HEIC files to TIFF multiple-page format?”

“How can I convert HEIC images to TIFF in batches? All other sites are only offering a single file to convert at once, but what can I do if I have more than 50+ image files.”

Best Application to Convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac OS

Upload the images files in HEIC Converter for Mac to get the files changed the extension to *.tiff format. The software is capable enough to process multiple files at once without any inconvenience. Upload the files to the panel in single or multiple formats. The whole conversion is done within the tool itself without any additional services.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Working Procedure of the Application

1. Launch the application on the OS X Machine or any other device.

2. Start uploading HEIC images to the interface using the button Add File(s) or Add Folder(s). Get single or multiple files to the software using either of the Add buttons. Press the Next button to proceed. 

Start MacUncle tool to Convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac

3. Now all the files will list down for the user to make a selection. Choose any of the files and again Press Next. 

Select HEIC files

4. Further, choose TIFF and a destination location save all the converted HEIC files. 

choose TIFF format

5. To start the conversion of HEIC to TIFF format press the Export button. 

Within a few minutes, all the files will convert to the format. The folder will get open up right after the conversion. The trial edition will produce a result with a watermark on it. To overcome the limitation, upgrade the application to a professional package. 

FAQ – Convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac

What is the safest free conversion method for HEIC to TIFF images?

Use the HEIC to TIFF File Converter tool to convert *.heic files to TIFF and to other standard image file formats. 

How long does it take to convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac?

The conversion speed depends on the number of image files one has and the internet speed.

How will I know when the conversion is done? 

After successfully changing the file extension to another the tool will notify the user with multiple messages including trial edition limitations. 


We have covered the query “Convert HEIC to TIFF on Mac” however the above-mentioned solution is universal for both Mac & Windows. That is, the software is available for Windows OS too. Use the recommended application to export multiple files to TIFF multipage format.