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Import Maildir to MS Outlook Account | Convert All Maildir Subfolder

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Published On February 14th, 2023 • 4 min read

Are you having trouble importing Maildir to Outlook? Then, follow the article. Convert Maildir to PST file format and get the email files in the MS Outlook account. We will discover all the details from scratch. All the subfolders can convert and import with the technique mentioned here. 

“How can I import Maildir to the Outlook account? Is there any software that would allow transferring the Maildir folders to MS Outlook? I am not very much into technical, so it would be great if I get a simple method.”

“Recently my client send the bulk of Maildir files. Since I am using Outlook 2019 as my official mailing client, I got to convert those files to PST format.”

If you are also in a similar situation, read the post and get away with the solution. 

What Exactly is Maildir?

Maildir or Maildir++ is a file format to store email messages in different files with distinctive names. The Qmail application was the first to use the Maildir file extension to store email messages as a simple data structure. Various implications have updated the format to accommodate single email messages as the development of applications has progressed.

There are three separate sub-directories in the Maildir or Maildir++ file format, which are listed below:

a). new: This sub-directory stores all incoming email messages for a limited duration. It is a method of notifying users about new messages.

b). temp: It contains a temporary data file that is linked to the Maildir file extension directory.

c). cur: It also includes a new subdirectory for common messages. The primary distinction is that it can only save messages that have been read.

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Procedure to Convert Maildir to PST

Before starting with the procedure, extract the Maildir from the Server. If the Maildir files are stored locally in the system, then move to the Second Step of the process. 

1: Connect to any website’s server.

2: Open the mail folder and look for the files you want.

3: You should now be able to see all of the Maildir file folders ( Draft, Sent, Trash, cur, tmp, new, etc.)

4: Create a Maildir file backup on the local drive, including all subfolders.

Second Step: Convert Maildir to PST File Format 

Now, get the Maildir File Converter Tool to move the files to Outlook. With the application convert Maildir to PST file format within the tool itself. Either perform selective or batch conversion. 

The software offers two different options to ADD PST files to the software panel. Upload Maildir files or the Maildir subfolders to the interface. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Following are the steps to use the tool:

1. Open the application and start adding Maildir or Maildir++ files to the software panel. Once the files are added, press the Next button. 

Select Maildir files and Convert Maildir to PST

2. As a result, all the folders and files will display on the screen. Now, the user has to choose a required file or folder from here. Click the Next button again. 

3. Then, from Select Saving Option choose PST format to convert Maildir to PST.

Select PST Files

4. Also, set up a location to store the email files in the desired location. 

Browse a location to store the converted file

5. Hit the Export button to start the conversion

That’s it.

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Third Step: Import Maildir to Outlook Account 

Import Maildir Files to MS Outlook by following the procedures below:

1: Open the MS Outlook application and go to the File tab.

2: Select Open & Export from the drop-down menu, then click Import/Export.

3: From the drop-down menu, choose Import from another software or file. Then press the Next button.

4: Using the Browse option, locate the converted PST file on your local drive and click the Next button.

5: Finally, to complete the importing procedure, click the Finish option.

Free & Professional Edition

The demo or trial version of the tool will give a platform for the user to test the working of the tool. If permits conversion of 25 Maildir to a different format. Thus, the working and the additional features can check with this version. Later for more file conversion upgrade the tool to a professional edition. 



To conclude, the procedure to convert Maildir to PST has explained with the download link to the application is here. Get the files converted to Outlook PST format to import the files to the Outlook account directly. Keep up with the procedure mentioned here, however, the user can migrate the Maildir directly to an Outlook account.