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Convert Bulk ODT Files into TXT Format on MacBook, iMac, etc.

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Rollins Duke
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Published On June 18th, 2022 • 4 min read

“Hi, currently I am using iMac. I had a bunch of work saved in .odt format. Now I am want to use those files on Windows desktop in my workplace. The issue is Windows system has MS Office and I don’t want to download any software on my Office desktop. Is there any method to convert ODT to TXT on Mac OS itself? 

TXT file format is supported by almost every word-processing program, MS Notepad, WordPad, or Apple TextEdit. Users with simple plain texts prefer using the .txt extension as the complicated files such as reports, resumes, flyers, etc. won’t be saved in TXT file format, instead, they will save the files in .docx or .pages format. On the other hand, users might want to access their TXT format on Amazon Kindle or Web browsers, thus with the TXT format, you can easily access it. 

In this article, we would provide you with the best Trick to Convert ODT to TXT on Mac. You just have to follow the steps mentioned in the article below and in the end, you can see great results. 

Convert Multiple ODT to TXT Format in One Attempt

There is no possible Manual Method to Convert ODT to TXT on Mac right now. MacUncle ODT Converter, the tool performs the best and produces 100% accurate results. There the tool provides you with a dual-mode to upload ODT files in the software. Convert multiple OpenDocument ODT/OTT files without any hassle. Installation of LibreOffice is not necessary, the tool can work without it also. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

The application is user-friendly which enables people even with non-background to operate on it smoothly. Your data will never be hampered during or after the conversion. The tool makes it a point to maintain and preserve your data in its original form. The tool is feasible while it also offers you the free conversion of up to 5 ODT files to TXT. 

Step-by-Step process to Convert ODT to TXT on Mac

Start the software, ODT to TXT Converter on Mac System. 

1. Now upload your ODT files into the software which you wish to convert, using Add folder (s) or Add file (s) option. Press the Next button. 

Use ODT to TXT tool to Convert .odt to .txt

2. Click the checkboxes if you are opting for selective conversion. Then again press the Next button. 

Choose bulk ODT files using Add File or Add Folder

3. Further, select the TXT option from the Select Saving Option.

Select TXT format

3. Then choose your preferred destination location to save your resultant file. 

4. Finally, press the Export button. 

ODT to TXT Conversion Completes

Also, get the ODT to Image Converter to change the document format to image file formats.

Special Traits of the ODT to TXT Wizard

Listed below are some of the vital specifications of the tool

  • Accurate & Faster Results– The tool delivers 100% accurate results with quick processing power. 
  • Dual-Modes– The application provides dual-mode to upload bulk ODT files into the software. 
  • Flexible Options– The wizard offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred location to save the resultant file. 
  • Maintenance– The software guarantees to protect and maintains data hierarchy with full security. 

Advantages of TXT Files

There are great advantages and perks for you when you convert your file into TXT file format. Here are some of the major ones: –

  • The Text file is platform-independent, they can be read or edited in any of the basic word programs. 
  • The storage of text file and managing it is very easy as compared to other file formats, you can simply share your .txt file via any medium. 
  • If in the future your TXT file gets corrupted, it can easily be recovered and retained.

The Conclusion

The blog explains to you the technique to Convert ODT to TXT on Mac. There is no Manual Method for it on the internet thus you have to avail a third-party tool to do the same. There is the Reliable and Trusted tool in our opinion, The tool not only converts your bulk ODT files with full safety but also preserves the data. The wizard works smoothly and delivers a rich result for the same.