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How to Convert OLM Files to EML Format on Mac OS?

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Published On January 18th, 2024 • 4 min read

Let’s explore the different techniques to convert OLM to EML format. Since EML files are the most common file formats used to store mailboxes from distinct email clients. Thus, converting Mac Outlook files to EML will reinforce the option to access the files easily.

EML files are plain text messages that are used to store email data. It is one of those file formats that can be used to transfer easily without any hassle. The EML files mostly store the Email Content, Information of the Sender & Receiver, Subject, Hyperlinks, Attachment Date, etc.

Common Practise to Export Mac Outlook Files in EML Format

Manually we can export the files from the Mac Outlook account to the system. That is to drag and drop the emails locally. Users can select the desired email messages from the account and drop them at any location as per the requirement.

However, now we need to check if it works as per our demand. Check out the loopholes of this approach.

  • If we need to convert Mac Outlook emails from different folders, it takes a lot of time. Since we must repeat the process.
  • We can’t export the attached documents from the account.
  • It is possible only if you have Outlook installed. For backup OLM files, the drag-and-drop method does not work.
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Convert OLM to EML with the Attachments – Automated Approach 

Let’s get deep into the method to export Mac Outlook OLM files to EML in the simplest method possible. We usually go with the manual approaches to convert email files, but the question arises would that be the best way to convert multiple Mac Outlook email files? Therefore, the OLM File Converter Software brings out the instant method to convert OLM to EML format. Select the email files in batches from the System.

Procedure to Change OLM to EML Format Efficiently

Download the software from the above links and follow the instructions:

  • Step 1: Start by adding OLM files using the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) button.
  • Step 2: Check the radio button alongside the added OLM files, if you have selected batches of OLM.add olm files to the software
  • Step 3: Press the Next button in the right bottom corner of the software pane.
  • Step 4: A new tab with multiple saving options will display. Select EML from the drop-down menu.select eml format from the options
  • Step 5: Click on the browse button of “Select Destination Path” to pick a location.
  • Step 6: Optional – Choose any file naming format to rename the resultant EML files.convert olm files to eml and setup other fields
  • Finally press the Export button to start the OLM to EML Conversion.

In a few minutes, the folder with the final EML file will open instantly.

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Why Should We Choose Automated Approach over Manual 

Now, here are some of the traits of the software, and why users should select the Automated Approach over the free manual method.

  • The best technique to export OLM files is if the files are stored locally.
  • Two different options – Added files or entire folders with OLM files.
  • Batch conversion of Mac Outlook OLM Files to EML Format.
  • Within minutes multiple files can be converted.
  • Maintain the folder hierarchy of the added OLM files.
  • Create an EML file without altering any of the data.

The pointed are some of the vital features whereas the software comes with more advanced traits to convert OLM Emails to EML.


To conclude we are here with the perfect method to convert OLM to EML with attachments. The software will process each added file and convert the data comprehensively. It’s standout by offering the option to upload multiple files and process the same at once. Use the trial edition before purchasing the full package to test the software. Convert any 25 OLM files to EML for free.