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Best Approach to Delete Multiple Emails from Optus Webmail

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Published On September 11th, 2023 • 4 min read

About the blog: A complete illustration of how to delete all emails from the Optus Webmail account. The emails can be removed completely from the account without any additional selection procedure. 

“Is there any method to delete all the OptusNet emails from the trash folder? I tried to delete the files page by page, but there are thousands of emails in the Trash and Spam folder. Please help me clear out the email account easily”

Optus Webmail is an email service that offers email management, spam filters, draft filters, etc. Use the Web browser to access the Optus email account. Like any other mail client, it lets the user send, receive, forward, schedule meetings, etc.

Why Do Users Want to Delete Email Files?

From the query above, we know that the reasons to delete or clean up emails are personal. Thus, like every email client, Optus webmail also has the option to delete emails one by one or from one page. However, the email service does not clean up the folder entirely due to various technical reasons. Therefore, we have come up with the EmailRaser to delete all emails from Optus Webmail. 

An occasional cleaning up of an email account is a smart move if one wants to retail only important emails in the account. Checking important emails becomes stressful when the account has multiple unnecessary email files. 

A Complete Guide to Delete All Emails from Optus Webmail

Get the appropriate edition of the tool from here. Remove any email files, calendar events, contact lists, etc., from the OptusNet account. From the 30+ email client list in the tool, choose the IMAP option to delete emails from Optus Webmail. The tool works under an advanced algorithm with which the user does not need to specifically select or repeat the whole process for multiple files. Learn how to work on the application to clean up the email account.

  • 1. Download and launch the application right away. Select the IMAP option from the left panel. 
  • 2. Enter your email address, password, and IMAP details in the required field and press the Login button. 
Launch the application to Delete all Emails from Optus Webmail

3. Optus Webmail folders will display on the left panel of the tool. Now, choose the desired folder from the list and go to the Filter option. 

Choose desired folder from the list

4. The Filter option lets the user delete emails from a particular date, specific sender or receiver, based on subject, etc.

Filter option to selectively delete

5. Hit the Start Erasing button to initiate the tool to start deleting email files from the account. 

Important Features of the Application

Why should one get a tool to delete email files? Yes, we all ask this question before narrowing it down to the software to solve any problem. Here are some of the unique traits of the application that make it stand out. 

  • Delete Directly from Account: The tool scans each file from the Optus Mail before deletion. As soon as you click the button the tool erases the unwanted emails from the account directly. 
  • Instantaneous Solution: Since the user can select an entire folder(s), the whole process will execute within minutes. Complete email files get deleted once the tool starts working. Therefore, the user receives a message to select emails carefully. 
  • Also, get the option for Attachment Delete Option: While deleting the emails you can also erase the attachments simultaneously in the Optus Mailboxes and the attachattachment to complete the task without repeating any steps. 
  • Delete Batches of Email Files: With the default option, we can only delete 200 email files and repeat the process. To overcome such a situation, use the recommended tool to delete unlimited files from Optus Mail by selecting a whole folder.


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