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How to Delete All Emails in Rediffmail at Once?

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Published On September 11th, 2023 • 5 min read

Did you end up here searching for a solution to delete all Mails in Rediffmail accounts? If yes, then keep reading the article and try out the technique mentioned here. 

Rediffmail is an email service offered by Rediff.com. Rediff.com is an Indian shopping web portal for news, entertainment, etc. founded in 1996. The email service has been used by millions and was at its peak in 2005. The mailing account offers unlimited free storage space. However, users might need to clean up the account due to different reasons.

We all are tired of selecting and deleting hundreds of email files from time to time. Why can’t we just remove the unwanted email files completely without any selection process? Try out the application EmailRaser to delete emails from any folder(s). 

Real-time Queries:

“I have 3000 unread emails in my Rediffmail inbox. How to delete them in a single step (all at the same time). I don’t want to go to each page and delete the email files. Since all the files are not important, could you please guide me or provide a method to empty Rediffmail Inbox permanently.”

Now, download the software to bulk delete emails in your Rediffmail account. 

Permanently Delete All Mails in Rediffmail Accounts 

As mentioned above, the recommended application provides a direct approach to removing email files from the Rediffmail account. Select the folders such as Inbox, Sent, Trash, Spam, Address Book, etc., and remove the files permanently. Users are free to choose the desired folder from the list and delete the files accordingly. The tool also allows you to delete the read or unread email files from the account. Download the software to empty the Rediffmail folder at once without any additional procedure

Test the Product: The trial or the demo edition lets users delete the first 25 email files from any account. Get insight into the application with the demo edition. After testing the tool, purchase a professional package for an unlimited email erasing option. 

Steps to Follow to Remove Sent Mail in Rediffmail

Download the software from the above link and follow the steps one by one. 

1. Start the software and select Rediffmail from the list of email clients. 

2. The tool will provide fields to enter account credentials. Fill up the login details of the account and press the Login button. 

Run the software

3. As a result, all folders will be displayed in the software interface. Select any folder and move to the next step.

Choose desired folder from the list

4. Enter the field in the Filter option for selective deletion of email files from the folder. The option consists of Date Range, File Size, To, From, etc. 

Filter and delete Rediffmail emails

5. Hit the Start Erasing button to initiate the procedure to delete all emails from the Rediffmail account. 

Vital Aspects of the Application to Delete All Mails in Rediffmail

To finalize any approach, learn about all the features possessed by the application. Here are some of the unique traits of the tool. 

  • Select Folder & Delete

From the list of Rediffmail folders choose any folder and delete the entire folder in minutes. Select any folder using the check box feature. After that, the tool will delete the selected emails from the software. Whether you’re tidying up your inbox or reorganizing your email storage, our tool ensures a hassle-free and efficient experience. 

  • Delete Only Attachments

The filter option in the software can be used to delete only the attached documents from the email files. With selectively email attachment erasing any type of attachment can be removed permanently from the Rediffmail email files. With this functionality, you can permanently eliminate any type of attachment, making your Rediffmail experience more organized and efficient. 

  • Warning Notification

A few notifications will pop up on the screen for the user to ensure before proceeding with the process. MacUncle notifies the user to check the folder right at the beginning of deleting files. With MacUncle’s vigilant warning notifications, you can confidently navigate your tasks, knowing that your data is in capable hands, and your actions are well-informed and secure


To conclude, this write-up presents a reliable technique to delete all emails from the Rediffmail account. Either perform a selective or batch deletion process to empty the email folder permanently. Thus, there is no need to execute any steps repeatedly. In a few clicks, all the desired emails can be erased from the account. The tool helps to delete email files from all the folders effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Question

How to delete bulk emails from RediffMail without moving them to the trash?

Use the above-mentioned automated solution to remove emails from the RediffMail account. Using the tool we can directly delete the unwanted emails from the account without transferring the files to the Trash folder. 

Is it possible to delete the particular email address from the RediffMail account?

Yes. With our advanced feature – Filter Options, delete the emails from any specific email address permanently.