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Delete Emails Files from AOL Mail Account

Mark Briggs | Modified: June 28, 2023| AOL | 4 Minutes Reading

Find out why and how to delete AOL emails in bulk on Mac or Windows Operating systems. The write-up has all the details of erasing email files or attachments separately from the account.

Read the entire article and get away with the solutions.  

At times we might have undergone a situation wherein we can’t delete emails in the spam folder of the AOL account entirely at once. Therefore, let’s discuss the simple and quick approach to erasing emails from the AOL Email account directly without any constraints. 

Before going any further, read the query below, 

“Does AOL mailing service offer any approach to remove email files in bulk? I have an AOL account of about 2 3 years old. Thus, it has a large number of unwanted email data. Now I am planning to remove all the emails and use the account as new.”

“Hi folks, does anyone know how to delete emails on an AOL account from a single ID. I have been receiving multiple email files from same ID, since the account is unsubscribed, I would like to erase all the email messages associated with it. Could you please guide me on deleting emails messages from a sender?”

Two of the above queries are of different scenarios. Therefore, we will be giving a common solution to all the users.

Why Users Seeking Automated Method?

All email clients offer an approach to deleting email files from the account. However, there is no such way to erase email files more than a screenful or 100+ files. While using any manual method users go through all the email files one by one. Thus, using a third-party or automated application is always the top choice. 

In the next section learn what tool is the best to delete AOL emails in bulks. 

How to Delete AOL Emails in Bulk without Missing any Files?

Clear AOL email account using the software EmailRaser. It scans all the AOL folders and lists download the folder for the user to select and erase appropriately. Any number of email files can be deleted permanently with the Profession edition of the tool. Beforehand try out the free demo version to understand how to run the application. 

Simplified Procedure to Erase AOL Email Files

From expert technical to naïve users, the below steps can be used to delete AOL emails in bulk. Follow the steps carefully,

1. Start the tool on any system and select AOL from the list of email sources. 

2. The utility will give a field to enter the credentials of the email account. Hit the Login button to proceed. 

3. All the AOL folders get listed in the software interface. Choose any folder carefully from the list. 

4. Go to the filter option and choose either “Selective Email Erasing” or “Selective Email Attachment Erasing” as per the need. Then, enter the field such as from ID To ID, Date Range, Subject, Body, and Email Size.

5. Hit the Start Erasing button in the tab “Start EmailRaser” to begin the deletion process. 

Outline of Blog

We have discussed and covered all the vital aspects of deleting emails from the AOL account in batches. Select any folder and delete the data permanently without accessing the email account directly. The software scans all the email messages and lists out the folders in the software interface. Delete emails from AOL using the efficient approach mentioned here.

FAQ – Delete AOL Emails in Bulk

Is there a way to delete large numbers of emails on AOL from the same sender?

Use the above-mentioned application and enter the email address of the respective sender using the Filter option. As a result, delete any number of emails on the AOL account from the same sender. 

How to delete emails from a certain date on AOL email?

With the Date Range filter option, erase emails from a particular date range. 

Do I have to repeat the whole process for batches of email files?

No. The tool displays the AOL folders, from which the user has to select the folder to delete email data.