How to Get all AOL Emails to Hard Drive/Flash on Mac OS?

Mark Briggs | December 24th, 2022 | AOL, Mac OS X

Want to Export AOL email to hard drive on Mac OS? Your emails are an important source of information for you, so losing them could be disastrous. In this article, we will provide you with a complete solution to deal with your problem instantly in no time. Users are searching for alternative ways to store or save Emails on a hard drive or Flash drive and thus easily print Emails from AOL Mail

AOL Email is a cloud-based email client, you can communicate through the application which includes confidential email messages. In today’s time, data security is one of the prominent issues. So as a user, we have to protect and save it on our local storage to prevent it from any data loss or corruption of any kind. So, it is always advised to Export AOL Emails to Hard drive on Mac to avoid any unprecedented event in the future.  

We will give you the best and the most reliable techniques to save AOL Mail to Hard drive on Mac. Jump to the solution: –

Before moving on further, let’s know the reasons why people want to Export AOL Emails to a Hard drive. 

Needs to Export AOL Email to a Hard Drive

Here are some of the reasons why people need to Export AOL Email to a Hard drive on Mac: –

  • Users face the problem of the inaccessibility of their AOL Emails on the platform. 
  • The important emails could be lost or corrupted due to errors occurring on the AOL Email client. 
  • To avoid any of these problems, people want to save their emails on a hard drive on Mac. 

Learn how to solve AOL email not working on Mac.

Save AOL Email to Hard drive on Mac – Manual Method

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to continue the process of Export: –

  1. Start by logging in to your AOL Email Account on Mac System. 
  2. Then select the email which you wish to export to local storage and then click on the More option
  3. The drop-down menu appears to click on the Print message tab
  4. Further click on the Change option in the new tab. 
  5. Now select the Save as PDF option. 
  6. And press the Save button to save your AOL Email on a hard drive. 
  7. Then further choose the destination path where you wish to save it and then finally press the Save button

Restrictions to the Manual Method 

There are many limitations to the Manual Method, some of them are: –

  • You cannot export multiple emails to your local storage in one attempt, you have to repeat the above process again and again. 
  • The export via the Manual Method does not completely export the emails, it lacks the subject of the email. 
  • The process is time-consuming and tiring. 
  • You have to repeat the process again and again in the case of bulk export. Thus, this is not a good option for you. 

Pro Method to Export AOL Email to Hard drive on Mac

We have come up with a trusted and recommended tool for you to get your task done easily. MacUncle AOL Backup Tool this utility not only saves your AOL Email to your local storage but also can export it to different email clients such as IMAP, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can export unlimited AOL Emails all at once or you can specifically go for the Filter option in case of selective backup.

Download for Mac

You can also delete your AOL Emails from the server after downloading them to your local storage using the tool. The tool generates a detailed report after the completion of the process. The tool comes up with 100% of providing safety and security to the user’s data. 

Some of the traits of the tool are as follows: –

  • The tool saves your AOL Email in batch or selective options provided. 
  • The utility deletes your AOL Emails after downloading them on your computer, thus saving your space. 
  • The application preserves the folder’s hierarchy during and after the export process. 
  • The applications support all the latest versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc. 

Guide to Follow the Steps to Run the Software

Follow the below-mentioned steps to rightly do away with the procedure: –

Step 1. Start the application on your Mac Machine. Enter the AOL email account credentials in the panel provided. 

Use the MacUncle to Export AOL Email to Hard Drive on Mac

Step 2. Now choose the email folder which you wish to export and then select the file format from the Saving drop-down menu

Choose any format and save AOL Mail locally to hard drive

Step 3. Under the Filter option, you can go for the selective method to save AOL Email of a specific date & Export selective folders.

Export AOL Email to Hard Drive Selectively

Step 4. Now choose the file name for the file. And then finally press the Start Backup option. 

Outline of Article

The article provides you with the most reliable techniques to Export AOL Emails to Hard drive on Mac. In the blog, we have given the reasons why you need to export AOL Email to a Hard drive. The first is the Manual Method which comes with certain limitations, to avoid these we have come up with exotic another method. The recommended Tool is the best and the most reliable technique which will not only help you to Export AOL Emails to the hard drive but also you can export them to different email clients.