How to Import Emails & Contacts from AOL Account to Gmail on Mac?

Mark Briggs | May 25th, 2022 | AOL, Mac OS X

Well, you are finally here. From this article learn how effortlessly a Mac user can transfer AOL emails to a Gmail account. We will provide all the steps and the features while migrating AOL emails to Google Mail account. Now, go through the query mentioned here, to know your current situation. 

Hi MacUncle, I want to transfer my contacts from AOL Account to Gmail Contacts. When I got to know about the manual method, which is used to forward emails by setting up an AOL account to Gmail. But right now, I am searching for a method to import only the contacts from AOL. Please suggest an application for the same.

The query here is to add or forward only the contacts to the Gmail account. Since the reader might be in a diverse situation, therefore, we will offer the complete solution for AOL to Gmail migration. 

Overview & Reason to Transfer AOL Emails to Gmail

AOL is an American online service provider that was started in 1983 by William von Meister. Since the 1990s, AOL has been one of the fastest and most popular webmail services, but in 2005, they relaunched the service with additional features. AOL, like Gmail and Outlook, is a premium online service provider. It distinguishes itself from other email service providers by providing unlimited storage. It offers a variety of free services, including email and a variety of others.

Similarly, we are well aware of Gmail, as begin the common email service. It also offers a free service. As the email service also provides a platform to send & receive emails. Users can create a single Google account to get access to Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. 

Major reasons to transfer AOL Emails to Gmail accounts are the traits they put forward to the users,

  • Spam Filter: A junk email is also known as spam. To keep spam out of your inbox, Gmail employs cutting-edge technology. The majority of spam is automatically routed to a separate spam folder and removed after 30 days.
  • Voice Chat option: however, it allows you to call any phone in the globe by dialing an actual phone number. Making a call anywhere in the United States or Canada is free while calling to other countries is quite inexpensive.
  • Complete conversion view: When you send emails back and forth with another person (or a group of people), usually about a certain topic or event, you’re having an email conversation. Gmail automatically puts these emails together, making your inbox more organized.

Thus, let’s know how to migrate emails & Contacts from the AOL account to Gmail.

AOL to Gmail Migration Tool – Simple & Effective 

If you have tried the manual method of adding an email account to Gmail, then you know the limitations. That is, selective migration is not possible with the help of the traditional import technique. Therefore, try AOL Backup Software to transfer emails or contacts to Gmail from the account. 

Test the trial version before purchasing the application. With the demo or the trial version, migrate any 25 files from the AOL account to Gmail without any interruption. All the files can be moved by either selecting particular email files or a complete folder with 25 emails or contacts. As both the editions Demo and Pro possess the same feature with a limitation in file number for Trial. 

Use the Steps to Transfer AOL Emails to Gmail Account

The following steps will guide you to import AOL emails to your Google account with ease.

  • Launch the application on Mac OS and enter the AOL account details – Email ID and Password. Press the Login button to proceed. 
Start the tool to transfer AOL emails to Gmail
  • All the files & folders will display on the left panel of the tool. Choose any folder and then, go to the Select saving option.
Choose Gmail and enter the details
  • Choose the Gmail option and enter the credentials of the Gmail account to the required field. 
Enter Gmail credentails
  • Optional: To migrate selective emails from the AOL account use the Filter option. Set up the desired fields on the filter setting to import only the required emails. 
set up filter option for selective migration
  • Finally hit the Start Backup button to start the process of AOL to Gmail migration.

That’s it. 


We hope you have resolved the issue. As the procedure here is to transfer AOL Emails to Gmail in batches without any halt in between. The method is for migrating multiple files directly to a Google account. Either user the selective or the bulk migration with this process. Whatsoever, the procedure here is simple yet effective, illustrated for all users from computer experts to novices. 

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