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Instant Technique to Delete all Emails from Telstra Webmail

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Published On July 24th, 2023 • 5 min read

In this article, we will discuss how to delete bulk emails from Telstra Webmail accounts. Telstra users often struggled to remove bulk emails from their accounts since the email client only offers the option to delete a few files at a time. Read some of the queries and the solutions for the same. 

“I recently noted that there are over 3000 SENT emails in my Telstra.com webmail account. As you can only erase 50 emails at a time, it is going to take a lot of time to delete all those mails from the email account. Please provide a method to erase all emails from the Webmail SENT folder without having to go through the time and effort of doing so 50 at a time.”

“Deleting emails is something that I struggle with. I remove around 50-60 emails from a single email address. Even though we can use the search bar, we have to perform the same procedure again and again. Please help me out here.” 

Here are the manual steps to delete Emails from Telstra Webmail. Here is the standard method to delete Bigpond emails in bulk.

  • Select the emails you want to delete by checking the box next to them.
  • To remove an email, click the Delete Email icon.
  • The emblem resembles a trash can.

The selected emails will then be moved to the Trash bin. If you want to remove them from the Trash folder, go to the trash folder and select Empty Trash from the menu. After clicking the icon, all of the emails in the trash folder will be permanently deleted.

Simple Approach to Delete Bulk Emails from Telstra

With the application EmailRaser, remove all unwanted emails from the account. It gives the freedom to select emails from the interface. The tool works as a self-guide in which users get instructions to proceed to the next step from the tool itself. Before deleting any files, it gives a warning notification to choose email files carefully, since the tool deletes the files.

Open the tool after the installation and perform the following steps:

1. Select Telstra / Bigpond Webmail from the Email Source list and enter the credentials in the field provided. Press the Login button. 

2. The email folders will display in the left panel of the interface. Choose the emails or the complete folder to delete from the Telstra account. 

3. Use Filter options to remove emails from a particular email address or date range. Again, go back to the email erasing step.

4. Press the Start Erasing button to initiate the procedure of bulk deletion of emails from Telstra. 

What are the Advanced Features of the Application?

Know the advanced traits of the software to delete bulk emails from Telstra. 

  • Delete All Files at Once: Select the folder you wish to delete using the tool. As a result, the files can be deleted entirely within the application itself. 
  • Filter Option: Erase the emails from the account using the Advanced filter option with Date Range, From, To ID, Subject, etc.
  • Quick Email Erasing Approach: The whole process completes within a few clicks. The software scans and loads the email to the software panel in minutes, from which we can instantly delete Telstra in batches. 

Client Review 

“I would recommend the application, as I have used it to delete multiple emails from my AOL account. At first, I doubted purchasing this tool, but it is worth having it in the system as we regularly need to delete emails to free the storage space.”

“The software allows you to remove emails from multiple email clients. I used it to remove email from my Apple Mail iCloud account. It has this trait called filter option, one of the best of all, to delete only selective emails by applying specific filter options.”


We hope that you have got the solutions to all your queries from the above write-up. This tool helps you remove bulk emails from the webmail without accessing or signing in to the account. You can also use the filter option to set a parameter for selective email files from the account. 

Frequently Asked Question

Are there any risks or considerations I should be aware of before deleting all emails from my Telstra Webmail?

If you are using the recommended tool to delete emails from Telstra Webmail, then there are not many risks. Everything can be done within the tool itself

Is there a maximum number of emails I can delete at once from my Telstra Webmail account?

With the trial version, we can delete the 25 emails at first and delete more email files using the professional package.

Is there a way to back up my emails before proceeding with a mass delete on Telstra Webmail?

Use the Email Backup Software to save all the emails and other data locally to the system and then use the suggested tool to delete bulk emails from Telstra Webmail.