Permanently Delete Emails in Apple Mail / Mac Mail

Mark Briggs | April 17th, 2023 | Apple Mail

Tired of searching for a trusted method to remove or delete emails from Apple Mail in batches. Do not worry, you are now at the right place. After reading the article completely you will be able to permanently remove or erase all emails in Mac Apple Mail effortlessly. 

Hi, I recently deleted some of my emails from Apple Mail. But couldn’t finish the task as my account is almost full. I am here to know if I could delete the emails from Apple Mail permanently, how to do it?

The answer to the question is Yes! Now you can easily delete or erase email files from Mac Mail permanently with the help of MacUncle Tool. Here, we will discuss the common method and the most recommended automated method. 

Common Method to Delete Emails from Apple Mail Permanently

The following steps are the general method to remove or erase email messages from Mac Mail. 

After that Go to Apple Mail App and carry the steps given below, 

  • Select the messages in the list.
  • Then, click the Delete icon and click the delete key. 
  • To permanently delete email messages, choose Mailbox – Erase Deleted Items, and then select an account. 
  • Go to Mail Sidebar, Control-click a Bin Mailbox, and then choose Erase Deleted Items.

Also, set the Erase Deleted Messages option to permanently remove messages in Mail preferences. 

Limitation: To erase the email files permanently, the user has to perform two different methods to confirm the deletion of email files. 

How to Permanently Erase Emails from Apple Mail – Instant Solution

For an instant solution, EmailRaser is suitable. As the application is capable of erasing emails permanently from the Mac Mail server. For deleting emails all Mac user has to do is follow these few steps mentioned: – 

Launch the software on the system and follow the steps

Select iCloud from Email Source and enter the credentials of the iCloud/Apple Mail Account into the required field. Then press the login button to proceed.

Use the application to Delete Emails from Apple Mail

As a result, the tool will scan all the folder & subfolder and loads them to the software panel. Where choose any folder to delete from Apple Mail.

Choose any folder before deletion

For selective deletion, i.e., to delete all emails from one sender in Mac Mail or from a specific date use the Filter option

filter option for selective deletion

Finally, click the Start Erasing button to initiate the procedure. [The tool will give a warning message before the process starts, to avoid any mishappening.]

Erase all Mac emails in single attempt permanently

Within minutes all the files will be deleted from Apple Mail / iCloud account. Use does not have to perform any other procedure as the tool itself erases all files at once. 

Traits of the Tool to Delete Emails from Apple Mail

A few advanced features of the software are:

  • Instant Deletion of Emails: In a few minutes, all the files will be deleted from the Apple Mail account. That is the user does not need to have any technical experience to operate the application. 
  • Selective Deletion of Mail Data: One of the major needs is to delete all emails from one sender’s Apple Mail. Thus, MacUncle has come up with a feature to delete emails from specific email id /date/subject/from for selective deletion. 
  • No requirement of Extra process: In a few steps all the email files can be deleted permanently from Apple Mail without any extra procedure. For selective deletion of email files, use the filter option and then erase the email files effortlessly within the tool itself. 

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The Final Point

In conclusion, the blog is a solution to delete emails permanently from the Apple Mail account. At first, users are suggested to use the Trial Version of the Application and then, later on, upgrade to the professional version. Remove all unwanted Emails from a sender in Apple Mail or from a particular date / Subject / To. 

Frequently Asked Question

Does the tool permanently delete emails from Mac Mail with this tool?

Yes. The suggested application removes the desired emails from the Mac Mail account directly.

Can I backup the emails before deleting the Apple Mail data?

Yes. Use the Email Backup Software to save the email files from the Apple Mail account and then delete the files from the account directly.

How to mass delete thousands of emails from Mac Mail?

After the tool scans all the emails from the account, it loads the files in a list from where the user can choose batches of folders using the checkbox. Thus, users can delete thousands of emails at once.