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Master the Way to Delete Bulk Gmail Emails on Mac OS

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Published On August 4th, 2023 • 6 min read

Users tend to forget or are not habitual in deleting unwanted and not-so-important emails from their Gmail accounts. This all results in a bigger problem which consumes almost all the space available in your Gmail Account. And then users try to find alternative solutions to delete Gmail Emails in bulk on Mac OS and also later are facing trouble executing the solutions which are provided on the internet. 

If you are also looking for a solution to this problem, then read this article here, we are going to describe some of the best solutions that to deal with this issue. You can delete multiple and selective Gmail Inbox messages from the account effortlessly in just a few clicks. Therefore, check and read the steps carefully to delete multiple emails from the account. We will be providing 2 ways to Mass Delete Gmail Messages.

My Gmail account is almost full, and I am getting warnings from Google. So I have decided to delete all Inbox messages from my Gmail email account. Could you please suggest an application to remove email files from Gmail INBOX in batches? I am using Mac Version 10.15: “Catalina”.

How to Delete Emails from Gmail Manually

You have to be smarter enough to delete your emails regularly, because if you are deleting the emails all at once at the year’s end, then the task is not easy at all. The Manual method provides you with a way to delete multiple emails but that still requires your time. 

Here are the steps to Mass Delete Gmail Emails on Mac:-

1. Log in to your Gmail Account and open your emails. 

2. Now select the checkboxes of the first 50 emails that display on the screen in the Gmail Inbox folder. 

3. If you want to delete all your emails, then click on Select all messages. This reduces your efforts if you want to delete all your emails. 

4. Now you can delete all your emails at once by clicking on the Delete icon in the bar. 

Limitations in the Manual Method: There are certain limitations to this method that you can encounter during the process-

  • Gmail offers the default option to delete only 50 emails or all the emails at once. 
  • There is no option to delete emails from Gmail selectively. 
  • The process is time-consuming and tedious to follow. 

If you want to find a perfect solution without any limitations, then we have the Expert Guide to rely upon. 

Instant Solution – Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk on Mac

If you are sure to permanently delete emails from Gmail on Mac Machine, then EmailRaser Software is the right solution for you. Install the tool and erase emails from the Gmail account in the tool itself. Without any delay delete complete emails to free up the Gmail account space. The internal storage space of Google Mail is 15 GB.

Also, use the advanced filter option to erase multiple emails including attachments from your Gmail account. Delete emails by setting Date Range, From, To, Subject, Body, or Email Size.

CAUTION: It is recommended that you should carefully check before deleting any important emails. The deleted emails can’t be retrieved after using the tool as it follows a high-standard deletion algorithm.

Follow the Guide to Run the Tool

The application is user-friendly and helps to resolve your problem easily in just a few clicks. The accessibility is very easy and you can control every function of the tool. 

Follow the steps to run the Software:-

Step 1. Start the tool to remove the emails from the Google account at once.

Step 2. Now select Gmail and enter the Email Account Credentials – Email Address & Password on the panel displayed on the screen. 

MacUncle EmailRaser to Delete Gmail Emails in Bulk on Mac

Step 3. Select any required Email folder like Inbox, Sent Mail, Starred, Trash, etc. from the left panel of the software.

Deleted Gmail Messages on Mac by selecting folders carefully

Step 4. Go to the Filter Option if you want to back up selective email folders. 

Filter out and delete emails from Gmail on Mac

Step 5. Go back to Start Email Backup and further choose the Destination Path. Then, click the Start Backup button. 

Gmail Email deletion completes

After clicking the Start Backup button, the backup tool starts the conversion. Finally, you will receive a notification in just a few minutes regarding the conversion of emails. 

Backup and Delete Gmail Emails 

To avoid any future data loss in your emails, we have the application MacUncle Gmail Backup. To be on the safe side, you must have a complete backup of your Gmail Emails on your system. You can then blindly delete all your emails because now you have the backup. The application comes with rich features that allow you to save emails in standard formats like PDF, DOC, HTML, etc.

You can not only backup your inbox emails but all the emails present in the Account including those in the Trash and Spam. The tool allows selective backup also. Either use the check box to select files separately, or else use the Filter option to erase emails selectively.


In conclusion, the article clearly explains two possible ways to delete Gmail Emails in bulk on Mac. If you are searching for ways to delete Gmail Emails, then it is the right place for you to follow. Here, we have provided the Manual Method and a Professional Guide to help you. The common method has certain limitations, to avoid any data loss we have provided the Professional Tool. The tool offers the most extraordinary features which you can experience. 

Frequently Asked Question

Does the tool delete emails permanently from Gmail?

Yes, all the selected emails will be deleted after you press the Erase button.

Can I delete emails from one particular email address?

Yes, go to Filter option>>Enter Email Id in the “From” field. Then press the Erase button.

Do I need to open my Gmail account while using EmailRaser?

No, you will be provided with the credential field – Email address and Password to add the Gmail account to the software.
Visit – Gmail Setting if you face any issues while accessing your account.

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