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Resolve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Issue on Mac Machine

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Published On April 1st, 2024 • 5 min read

Gmail is the most common email program among users millions of users use it. Google provides 15 GB of storage space to users, which is shared between Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Now, it depends on how the user uses the storage. So, many users are searching for a solution to resolve the Gmail storage quota exceeded issue while working on their email accounts for a few years.

In such a scenario, due to storage problems, users are unable to send and receive emails anymore. It is also advisable for users to backup Gmail emails to hard drive or any other email account. In this post, users can learn how to back up Gmail emails and save them to the Mac machine in easy steps.

For a quick solution to the Gmail storage limit exceeded issue, users can try out the EmailRaser Tool to explicitly delete unwanted emails and other data from their Google account.

What Causes the “Gmail Storage Limit Exceeded Issue”?

This warning message pops shows when you have used up almost the storage of the Google Account. 

  • Large Attachments: One of the top reasons why we get such warning messages is due to the large attached documents along with the email messages. 
  • Spam and Unwanted Email Files: Gmail has a folder that detects and stores Spam emails. Along with the positive side, it also comes with the negative side by taking up the storage space. 
  • Send, Draft & Trash Emails: Similarly, all the emails are accumulated in the specific folders of Gmail accounts. If you are someone who regularly sends emails or composes emails but never removes them from the folders, then that could lead to a Gmail Storage Limite exceeded issue.
  • Google Apps: Using Google Applications can also lead to storage exceed issues.

Now, the reasons are correlated with the solutions, we are here with advanced solutions to resolve Gmail Storage quota exceeded issue.

#1 Method – Fix Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Issue via Gmail Backup Tool

Taking the full data and storing it on the local machine is the best way to address storage-related problems. It will allow you to free up the storage so that you can proceed without any issues with Gmail services again. You can try this Gmail Backup Software that allows you to save all important emails without losing any details. It provides different export options to save data and offers several features, making the entire process hassle-free.

Steps to Instantly Resolve the Gmail Storage Limit Exceeded

  • Step 1: Launch the tool and enter the Gmail credentials into the software panel. Then press the login button to start.Start the tool to Resolve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Issue
  • Step 2: Now the tool displays all the Google Mail folders in the software panel from where you can select the required folder.
  • Step 3: Also, from Select Saving Option choose the desired format. Save Gmail Files in PDF format or transfer it to another email application.Select PDF Format from Saving Option
  • Step 4: Filter out the emails as per the requirement. This feature permits selective conversion/migration of Gmail files on Mac.Filter Option
  • Step 5: Lastly, press Start Backup to proceed to the backup process to fix the Gmail storage limit exceeded issue.Choose Location and press Start backup button

Within a few minutes, you get the Gmail files locally on a PC or migrate the emails from your Google Account to another email client. Thus, Resolve the Gmail Mailbox full error by using this solution.

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#2 Method – Use Google Takeout to Resolve Gmail Storage Limit Exceeded Issue

Let’s discuss how to use and the limitations of Google Takeout to backup and export Gmail Data or Google data in the zip format. Users can perform the complete procedure by following the steps mentioned below:

Go to Google Takeout and carry out the steps below:

  • In the select data to include section, enable Mail icon options from the mentioned Google services. And then hit the Next Step button.
    start google takeout
  • Select the delivery method as Send download link via email option.
    set up all the settings
  • You can also select the frequency of downloading data.
    choose the desired frequency
  • Now, choose the File type and Archive file size.
  • Finally, click on the Create Export button to initiate the process.
    Step 4

Limitation on using Google Takeout

There are many reasons why we recommend that users use the manual approach to receive a third-party solution. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Only the MBOX file format can save the Gmail archive.
  • This method takes a long time for the archival task.
  • If Internet access is slow, it affects the downloading process and the process will restart.
  • This method can be complicated for non-technical users.

Final Verdict

Google offers a Google Takeout Tool that can help users solve the problem of “Gmail storage limit exceeded” and free up space. However, it is very complicated and can only create data in MBOX format. Therefore, we recommend that users try out an efficient way of retrieving all Gmail emails, attachments, Contacts, etc. Besides, users can save sensitive information in different file formats. The solution mentioned here Resolve the Gmail storage quota exceeded issue on the Mac Operating System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What do I do when my Gmail storage is full?

A1) There are multiple measures that you can take to reverse the storage issue. The methods include removing unwanted emails in batches, removing large attachments, removing data from Google apps, etc.

Q2) How to overcome the Gmail Storage limit exceeded issue?

A2) We can either delete multiple emails from Gmails or upgrade to your Google Workspace plan that offers more storage space.

Q3) I emptied all the spam and other unwanted folders. Why does it still say the Gmail Storage quota is exceeded?

A3) Restart the Gmail once you have filtered out the emails from the Gmail account.