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How to Save Gmail as PDF on Mac OS in Batches ?

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Published On April 2nd, 2024 • 6 min read

If you are searching for a solution to save Gmail as PDF on Mac, you are in the right place. To export all emails from Gmail to PDF, there are many solutions available. But, they all have various characteristics. Here, we have listed the best solutions for saving Gmail as a PDF on a Mac in this blog.

Gmail is the most common communication medium for all professionals and common users. It is a web-based email client that can only be accessed using internet connectivity. However, if there is no internet, what if you need to access the emails? For instance, if you want to show emails to show as proof in court. You must have Google emails in a format that you can easily open for such situations. PDF is a file format that almost any device can access.

Reasons to Download Emails from Gmail in PDF

These are the reasons to get the emails from a Google mail account to PDF document format. The reasons can vary for both professional and personal use.

  • Easy Access: PDFs are excellent since they’re easy to open and can be viewed on multiple devices. So if you ever have to switch from your current email provider or device, then save Gmail as PDF files and thus we can make sure it’s easily accessible.
  • Data Safekeeping: Things happen and it’s not uncommon for an email account to get hacked or deleted, which results in the loss of important messages. The solution? Saving them as a PDF. Unlike the former, this provides a backup that doesn’t rely on your email provider.
  • Legalities: As we discussed above, for legal or regulatory purposes, there may come a time when you need emails as proof of something. PDFs are secure and reliable for preserving electronic records.
  • Sharing and Printing: If there ever comes a time when you need to share an email with someone else, the easiest way is just by sending them the PDF version. You can also print them if you prefer hard copies.

Common Method to Save Gmail as PDF

We all know the manual method to save email from Gmail accounts.

  • Login into the Google Account.
    Login in to Gmail Account
  • Open the email messages one by one and click on the 3-dot.
    Click the 3 Dots and press print option
  • Then select the print option.
  • As a result, a new window displays from where you select the Save as PDF option.
  • Choose the destination and click Save.
    Save Gmail as PDF on Mac
  • The resultant file will be saved in the location.

The above method is considerable but not the best for saving Google Mail emails to PDF conversion. Because the user must save Gmail messages as PDFs one by one using the manual procedure. It will not work if the user wishes to download several Google emails in PDF format.

Expert Solution to Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDFs

With the Gmail Backup Wizard for Mac, we can directly save Gmail as PDF files. Get emails in batches from the account to a document file format using the software. The software is an effective alternative to directly downloading all the emails from the Google Mail account. The advanced options will allow you to export emails selectively with the filter option.

Let’s discuss in detail the Working of the tool,

Steps to Download all Gmail Emails as PDF Files?

  • Start the software on the system to export Gmail emails to PDF.
    start the software
  • Enter the Gmail account credentials to the software panel.Enter Gmail account credentials
  • Select the PDF option from Select Saving Option.
    Select PDF option to save gmails as pdf
  • Choose the Destination path and File Naming Option for the resultant PDF files. Press Start Backup.
    Choose Destination path
  • As a result, the software starts to process the emails in the Gmail account. In a few minutes, the folders with PDF files will display.
    Download Gmail emails in pdf
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How to Save all Emails from Gmail Account Directly?

Below are a few traits of the software to fetch emails from the Google account in Adobe PDF format.

  • Multiple File Conversion: The utilities to print Gmail emails in *.pdf on Mac allow multiple file conversion. You can select any number of Google emails and export them in a single click together.
  • Selective Migration: You can choose single or multiple messages according to your needs with this feature. You can pick those emails to save as PDFs after adding files.
  • Stand-alone Utility: No external application is required for Google emails to PDF saving process on Mac. The tool is fully independent.
  • Maintains Original Formatting: All files’ original formatting and structure are preserved during and after downloading emails from the Google account in *.pdf format.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Google Mail is one of the most popular email clients, but it can only be used with Internet access. Many users, therefore, want to save Gmail as PDF on Mac. The solutions provide the best features that make it easy for users to export Emails from Google accounts and store them in Adobe PDFs. For a deeper understanding, you should test the sample versions of the utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How do you download emails from the sender folder in Gmail?

A1) Start the Google Mail account and use the Print option to download all Gmail emails as PDFs from the Sender folder. Otherwise, use the software to export Gmail emails.

Q2) Does the tool perform any conversion of Gmail emails?

A2) The software does not perform the conversion separately in fact the whole process is done within the toolkit.

Q3) How do I save only selective emails in PDF format?

A3) There is no manual approach to selectively save emails from Gmail, however with the software we can select the required emails to save from the account.