Clean up Hotmail Account by Delete Unwanted Emails from the Account

Mark Briggs | April 12th, 2022 | Mac OS X


Let’s find out how to delete emails from Hotmail mail accounts to free up the storage space. There are multiple solutions available in the online market to clean up the account. Therefore, here we are to guide the Hotmail user to simply remove emails from the folders. Before getting into the solution, read out the query to figure out if you are in the same situation.

“Hi folks, for the last few days I have been deleting emails from my Hotmail account of 4 years old. Because it’s been used for my professional and personal matters, there are thousands of email files. I kept deleting the emails page by page, but it’s hectic, since every day I receive a bunch of emails in which some are more important and some not even close. Could you help me to remove the emails from the account in bulk? If it also allows me to delete all emails from a certain person at once on Hotmail then it would be great?”

Now, give it a shot with the manual method to remove emails from the account. Further, decide whether to use the manual or automated technique.

Common / Manual Steps to Delete All Emails from Hotmail Account

Similar to any other email client Hotmail also has the option to delete emails from the account. Get the steps and the limitations of this process. 

  • Open your Hotmail account using the login credentials.
  • Go to Inbox/Sent/Draft and press the button “More Options”
  • As a result, there will be a list of options. Click on Delete All or any other option as per the need. 
  • Then the email account will proceed with the deletion process. 

Limitations: The above-mentioned method is applicable only if there are a few emails to delete. The user has to repeat the process page by page, i.e., it would be hectic to perform if there are more than thousands of emails. No option to delete emails from a single sender or particular date or year. Therefore, we would recommend going with the automated approach by MacUncle. 

Fast Way to Delete Emails from Hotmail Account 

We have EmailRaser Application to delete or remove email files from the Hotmail account. Effortlessly clean up the account including the contacts list, calendar events, etc. Download the toolkit and delete multiple junk emails. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Demo Edition: Test the working of the application by using the free trial edition. It allows the user to delete the first 25 emails from the folders. All the features are included in the trial version for the user to understand how it works.

How to Use the Application?

The software is made to operate by anyone with or without technical expertise. Once start using the tool itself guide to another step as per the user command. However, the below mentioned are the procedure on how to work on the software. 

1. Start the email message-deleting tool on any device and select Hotmail from the options. 

2. Enter the sign-in credentials to the required fields and press the Next button. 

Open the software to delete emails from Hotmail

3. The Hotmail emails will list down in the left panel of the tool. Choose the required email files from the list.

Selectively remove emails from Hotmail account

4. Use the Filter option if there is a need for selective email deletion. Set up the desired parameter in the options including From ID, To ID, Subject, Date Range, etc. 

Filter and delete emails

5. Further, go back to the Folder Selection option and press Start Erasing

All the email files will delete once the button is pressed. Wait for a minute, the software will notify you with different messages about the process. 


There is no need to repeatedly delete emails if you are using the application suggested here. With the assistance of the filter option set up certain parameters before proceeding with the deletion process. Delete emails from Hotmail accounts without accessing the account at any point in the process.