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Delete All Emails from Yahoo Permanently | Solution for Mac Users

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Published On September 21st, 2023 • 4 min read

Are you troubled to find a better solution to delete Emails from Yahoo? Then do not worry, you are at the right place. Searching for an apt solution to delete your emails from an email server permanently is a tedious task. Therefore, make sure to find out the perfect application as per your needs. 

Hi, I had been using Yahoo Account for a long time. And, it been quite some time and there is no such activities are taking place. However, there are more than 3000 emails in my account, now what I am planning is to format my Yahoo account and want to use it again. I don’t want to create another account. Is there any simple procedure to delete all emails at once?

Although the need might vary from user to user. Therefore, we have come up with an advanced deletion tool for the Yahoo account. Learn the complete features and workings of the application.

Common Method to Erase Yahoo Emails

The manual or the common method to delete emails from Yahoo Mail is the one using the mail process. Here are the steps to delete Yahoo emails: –

  • Open Yahoo and sign in to the account.
  • Choose the emails you want to delete. 
  • Then, click on the delete icon from the top menu.
  • Now all the deleted emails will be moved trash folder.

Limitation: As we know the common method is used to erase or delete emails one by one. This method is applicable only if your email data is limited. 

Automated Method for Mac OS – Delete Emails from Yahoo Account 

Why should we go for a long repetitive process when we can complete the process in a few clicks? Yes, get the utility MacUncle EmailRaser. An astute software for Mac users to delete emails from Yahoo accounts. Simply enter the Yahoo Mail credentials, then access all the files and folders using the tool. 

Important: If you face any issues while logging in, go to Yahoo Settings and follow the procedure to create a third-party password. 

How the tool works:

Download the tool and install it to the Mac OS X Version above 10.8 Mountain Lion. Also, get the Windows Version of the tool 

Step 1. Start the tool and choose Yahoo from the Email Source option.

Step 2. Enter the credentials of your Yahoo Mail account and press the Login button to proceed.

Delete Emails from Yahoo using the MacUncle tool

Tip: There are many email services supported by the tool as you may see on the left pane of the tool. Hence, you may keep in mind that this tool may also be used to delete emails from Comcast as well as delete emails from cPanel and other Webmail services.

Step 3. All the email folders/subfolders will display, from which choose the preferred folder. (Select the folder carefully, as the tool performs complete deletion without any retrieval process.)

Compelete Emails will be deleted from Yahoo Account

Step 4. Go to the Filter option and set up the desired field for selective deletion. 

Step 5. Finally, press the Erase button to initiate the process.

There you go, complete emails from the Yahoo account will be erased and delivered to a new email account. 

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The Bottom Line

In the article, we have covered the most commonly asked query by the user with a solution. The tool or the software mentioned here will solve all the issues or troubles of users related to the deletion of emails from any email client. Delete emails from Yahoo accounts without the aid of any external support. 

FAQ – Yahoo Email Deletion

Do I need to repeat the process the completely deleting emails from my Yahoo account?

No, the Tool will scan all the files/folders/subfolders in the Yahoo account and loads the file in the software panel. Either choose all files or go for folder selection. Thus, you can complete the task in a single attempt directly with the tool.

Is there a running Yahoo account required while using the tool?

No, Enter the credentials of the Yahoo account into the required field. And press the login button. That’s it. There is no need to sign in to your Yahoo account.

I used to receive a bunch of emails from a particular email address. And it got to be more than 500 emails. Can I delete emails from a specific email address using this too?

Yes, go to the advanced filter option and enter the Email address in the “From” field. Further, proceed with the procedure.

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