How to Delete Multiple Emails from Zimbra Mail Account?

Mark Briggs | April 15th, 2022 | Delete Emails, Zimbra


Cleaning or removing email files from any account is simple as it seems, only when there are a handful of email files. But what if we want to clear out emails from a particular date or a sender. Therefore, today we will know how to delete emails from the Zimbra account. 

Before getting into the solution, read some of the real-time user queries:

“Hey, I have 2 Zimbra accounts one for my office and personal activity. There are emails that I received from a single sender, that I need to delete. Is there any tool that could delete emails in batches from the Mail account?”


How to delete emails from the Zimbra account? Using this common method of removing emails, I could only get rid of 100 emails. I have to repeat the whole process of selecting and then deleting. Does anyone have a solution to mass delete Zimbra emails at once? Thank you in advance.”

Now let’s see how quickly we can clean up the Zimbra Mail account with the recommended software.

How to Use the tool to Delete Emails from Zimbra?

The software has its form that helps the user to remove emails from the server entirely without any repeated process. Delete email files, contact lists, calendar events, etc. from the account by simply selecting the desired folder. The erasing procedure carries out by removing the files entirely from the server, there will be no requirement of repeating the process.

Download for Mac Download for Windows

Delete emails from the entire inbox/Sent/Draft/Trash with the help of the MacUncle tool to Delete Emails Messages from any email client. We offer solutions to more than 30+ email clients to remove unwanted emails or files from the mail server. 

1. Launch the application and select the Zimbra Mail account from the list of options. Enter the login credentials to the desired fields. Hit the Login button.

Mass Delete Emails from Zimbra using the MacUncle Tool

2. The tool scans and loads all the files and folders. Choose any folder to delete the emails. The tool will give a warning before deleting the emails. 

Select the folder to bulk delete

3. Hit the Filter Option to selectively erase emails from the account. 

Filter and erase emails

4. Go back and press the Start Erasing button to begin the process. 

Benefits of Using the Tool

Read the below section to know more about the application to delete emails from the Zimbra account. 

  • Filter & Delete Zimbra Emails

Set up the filter option parameter to delete the emails or data selectively from the account. Since the Zimbra account gives options to set filters but you have to perform them one by one. Therefore, we have developed the software with a simple approach to add the fields for selective deletion of emails files. 

  • 3 Steps Erasing Process

The tool completes the whole process in 3 simple procedures. Get done with the erasing process within minutes. The three steps are – Login, Select folders and delete. However, the tool will give a message before deleting the files so as to not delete emails.

  • No Additional Procedure Needed

Mass delete emails from the Zimbra Mail cloud without repeating any procedure. The upgraded edition will allow unlimited deletion of files from the server. Get the desired version from the below link:


Manual Method to Delete Multiple Emails in Zimbra Account

Here is the usual method to bulk delete Zimbra emails from the account. The steps mentioned here are the selective email erasing method.

1. Go to Zimbra and log in.

2. Use the Date option in the search field to look for a certain date.

3. Finally, use the Folder option to select a folder and remove emails in bulk.

4. You may inspect the contents of a folder after selecting it. You can sort and highlight the information. The alternatives that have been searched can also be viewed in the search bar.

5. You can delete all of your emails by pressing Ctrl+a, or you can remove a single email at a time by selecting it and deleting it.

Last Point

The above write has the solution and the download link to the program to delete emails from Zimbra Mail accounts. Erase the data from multiple email accounts without signing in. Mass remove unwanted email files from the mail server completely without repeating the process.