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How to Download Attachments from Outlook Emails on Mac ?

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Published On April 4th, 2024 • 7 min read

Are you searching for alternatives to save all your Outlook Email Attachments in bulk? Then here is the perfect way to solve this problem. Therefore, many users use Outlook on their Mac System to send and receive emails. Mac Outlook saves all of your data in OLM format and using the solution download attachments from Outlook. 

Outlook is a desktop-based email client which is available for Mac as well as for Windows users. Outlook for Mac Email service stored the database in OLM file format. This application allows sending, receiving, and storing emails, calendar entries, note-making, and saving them with attachments. Many users attempt to delete their attachments because of various reasons. 

Ground Causes to Download Attachments from Outlook

Firstly, the mailbox data gets full due to the bulky attachments which cause malfunctioning with the email services. The loading time also increases on Outlook while it hangs sometimes due to an oversized Outlook Mailbox.

  • The Outlook application pauses due to the large size of the Outlook data file with a huge number of attachments.
  • Corruption of the Mac System gets increased due to the Oversized Outlook mailbox files.

So, save the email attachments locally on a hard disk to protect their data from corruption or loss. 

Common Approach to Save Outlook Attachments

Please be aware that depending on the version of Outlook you are using and the computer’s operating system, the particular instructions may differ significantly. These procedures are meant to serve as a generic how-to for manually obtaining Outlook attachments.

Save Attachments from Outlook On Windows: 

  • Open Outlook: Launch the Outlook application on your Windows PC and sign in for your e-mail account.
  • Access the Email: Navigate to the e-mail containing the attachments you need to download.
  • Identify Attachments: Locate the email attachments inside the message.
  • Download Individual Attachments:
    • Click on each attachment one by one to open it.
    • Once the attachment is opened, save it to your selected location by clicking ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ or using the context menu by right-clicking on the attachment and selecting ‘Save As.
  • Repeat for Each Attachment: Go via the e-mail and repeat the procedure for each attachment you desire to download.

Here are the steps to manually download all attachments Outlook multiple emails on Mac OS:

  • Start Outlook application.
  • Choose the email with the attachments that you want to save.
  • Then click “Attachments” and choose “Download All.”
  • You can also utilize the Shift + Command + E key sequence if you’re running Outlook 365 on a Mac.
  • The “Save All” option can also be selected by right-clicking on an attachment in the message header.
  • You’ll be asked to choose a location or path for the attachments to be saved.
  • To confirm your choice, click “Choose“.

The methods below should be followed if you want to download a certain range of file attachments:

  • Open the message that contains the attachments you want to save in Outlook.
  • Select “Save As” by performing a right-click on any attachment file.
  • Select the path or location where you wish to save the attachment files by browsing there.
  • To confirm your selection, click “Choose“.

Download Multiple Attachments from Outlook – A Stalwart Tool 

If you want to download Mac Outlook Attachments, we recommend OLM Attachment Extractor. It provides you with a simple solution to save all attachments at once. It offers you a free trial version of downloading attachments from up to 25 Outlook files thus you can experience the ease of its working.

Follow the Instructions to Download Attachments from Outlook 

Save attachments from multiple email messages in Outlook using the steps below

  • Start the installed software and follow the steps to download all attachments from Outlook.

    Start the tool to download attachments from outlook

  • Select Outlook from the “Email Source” and Enter the Credentials. Press the login button to proceed.

    Enter Outlook credentials

  • Browse a location to store the attachments or else the files will get saved to the Desktop by creating a new folder. 

    Set a location to save all attachments from outlook

  • Filter before starting: Use the filter option to download all attachments from desired Email IDs, Subjects, Date Range, etc. 

    set up the filter option

  • Hit the Start button to start the process of downloading from Outlook for Mac emails.

It works effortlessly and thus offers you a smooth and convenient way to save multiple email attachments all at once in just a few moments. It provides you with a wide range of options, you can preview all of your attachments before saving thus providing you with a safety net. You can store your resultant folder or attachments in the desired location as it provides multiple File Naming Options.

Traits of the Tool to Download all Attachments in Outlook

The application offers you a coherent GUI that both technical and non-technical users can access without any hassle. Here are some of its benefits which you can obtain after using it:-

  1. It can effortlessly save Outlook attachments on a Mac or Windows.
  2. You can download multiple attachments from the Emails of Outlook at once without any glitches while maintaining the folder hierarchy after the completion of the process. 
  3. The tool offers a solution to save the attachment to the preferred location using the browse button on the Select saving option.
  4. It supports and works very well in all versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 EL Capitan, etc. And all the Windows OS versions.

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Final Verdict!

The above write-up gives you a precise and perfect solution for – being unable to download attachments from Outlook on Mac. Therefore, considering all the queries, we have suggested a powerful and dynamic tool that works amazingly well to save attachments from Mac Outlook. It offers a simple and efficient way while you can rely on it completely for the best results. 


Q1) Why is Outlook not downloading attachments on Mac?

A1) There are multiple reasons why Outlook does not download the attached document such as installation problems, antivirus, etc. One of the vital points to do is to confirm the attachments are from a trusted sender. If not MS Outlook would probably block the attachments.

Q2) How do you download and store the attachments from Outlook?

A2) The best and most direct method would be using the mentioned software to save the files locally to the system.

Q3) Why would I need to download attachments from Outlook in batches?

A3) The need to download attachments from Outlook arises because of numerous reasons. Firstly, the mailbox data can also turn out to be complete because of bulky attachments, causing malfunctions and increased loading issues. Additionally, an oversized Outlook mailbox can lead to system corruption. Downloading attachments locally can assist prevent records loss or corruption.

Q4) What is the common method of saving Outlook attachments on Mac?

A4) The common technique includes manually saving attachments from Outlook on Mac. You can do this by way of starting the Outlook software, selecting the emails with attachments, and then deciding on the “Download All” option. Alternatively, you can keep personal attachments by clicking on them and selecting “Save As.”

Q5) Are there unique steps for saving attachments from more than one email in Outlook on Mac?

A5) Yes, in case you need to store attachments from multiple emails in Outlook on Mac, you could follow those steps:

  • Start the Outlook application.
  • Select the emails containing the attachments you want to shop.
  • Click on “Attachments” and pick out “Download All.”