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How to Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive on Mac?

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Published On November 17th, 2023 • 5 min read

Summary: This write-up will take you to the procedure to save Outlook emails to Hard Drive Mac. Here we will be discussing the manual and the expert-recommended methods to save email files locally. Keeping a complete record of your electronic mail on a hard drive is a smart idea whether you are running a personal business or just wish to retain a thorough record of your email for other reasons.

Why & How: Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive

Downloading email files from an Outlook account is one of the most common things Outlook users often wish to perform due to the following reasons:  

a.) To Share Email Data: It’s simple to exchange data if you have a backup or copy of it saved on an external/internal hard disc. Outlook emails saved on your hard drive can easily be shared.

b.) To Take Data Backup: Creating a data download on a local or external device is a secure solution to protect email data. When it comes to Outlook emails, a backup stored on the hard drive can secure the data in the event of data loss, data deletion, or a security incident.

c.) To Move Data:  You can save your Outlook data on your hard drive if you are switching to new devices, transferring data from one device to another, or coping data with forgotten passwords will be effortless.

d.) To Get Offline Access: You may access your emails offline by saving them to your hard drive. This is very helpful if you have no internet access. This guarantees that, even when you’re not online, you can always refer back to crucial emails.

Also, find out the technique to convert Outlook email to PDF with Attachments.

How to get the emails from Outlook, Here are the two different Methods to Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive 

  • Common Technique to Download Outlook Emails 
  • Expert Solution to Save Outlook Emails

#1 Method to Download Outlook Emails locally

Here is the simple and common practice of saving Outlook Mac emails. 

  • 1. Open the Outlook app on your Mac. At the top, you will see a list of options. Click ‘File.’
  • 2. Start Mac Outlook and navigate the File option from the menu list.
  • 3. Then, click the Export option in the drop-down menu.
  • 4. A new window will pop up – Export to Archive file – to select the required data. Then, press the Continue button.
  • 5. Further, choose a destination location to store the *.olm files. 
  • 6. Finally, press the Continue button.

Limitations: To perform this method, users must have Outlook installed in the system. For those who are here to find a solution without Outlook try out the automated process.

Bulk Method – Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive Mac

Download Email Backup Wizard to save Outlook data locally. Extract the email data in different file formats ranging from document to email format. You can also easily move Outlook files from one email client to another with the help of this application. Since here we want the solution to backup emails from Outlook to hard drive, we will see the different saving options to store the emails. Export the data to any of the formats by preserving the data accuracy.

How to the Software Backup Outlook Emails to Hard Drive?

  • Start the tool on Mac OS and choose the required Email client – Outlook.
    Select Outlook to Save outlook emails to hard drive mac
  • Enter the login details of the Outlook account in the field provided. Press the Login button.
    Enter Outlook account credentials
  • As a result, the tool scans and loads all the Outlook folders on the software interface. Choose any of the folders – Send, Draft, Inbox, etc. to save to the hard drive. 
  • Go to Select Saving Option and opt for any file format – EML, MBOX, MSG, PDF, Doc, Txt, Thunderbird, etc.
    Choose any file format
  • Also, browse the location to store the email files. The tool will take you to the selected location after the completion of all processes. 
  • Press the Start Backup button to initiate the procedure. 

Trial Limitation: The free edition of the tool allows saving 20+ email files locally to a Mac hard drive. Moreover, it gives an insight into the tools working and the features offered. To download unlimited email files, use the licensed package. However, the trial edition has all the features that are included in the licensed or professional version. 

Final Point 

We have described both manual and automated solutions for all scenarios. For a quick solution get the third-party application. MacUncle is ambitious to design the simple and best software for esteemed users. We develop tools for users from all sectors with or without technical skills. Everything can be done within the tool without the assistance of any external application. 


Q1) Does exporting Outlook data include attachments?

A1) Yes. Get the above-recommended tool and download Outlook emails with the attached documents.

Q2) How to transfer Outlook emails to a hard drive in batches?

A2) Firstly get the expert-recommended software from here. Then, add the account details to the required field and proceed with the remaining steps. Select the desired files or folders from the list.

Q3) In which format does the program save the Outlook files?

A3) Users can choose any format from the software’s Saving options.