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Print Multiple Emails in Outlook Instantly with Simple Procedure

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Published On May 15th, 2024 • 4 min read

Let’s look at various approaches to print multiple emails in Outlook without having to open them. This article demonstrates how to store Outlook emails as PDF files, as well as how to convert Outlook emails and attachments to PDFs. Continue reading to find out more.

When we need a paper copy of an email, printing it is essential. Depending on whether you want to print a single email or a group of emails, there are two options in Outlook. Outlook makes printing emails simple, but it can be limited at times. For example, Outlook only prints attachments to the default printer, email and attachment printing can be out of order at times, sent emails cannot be printed automatically, and emails (and attachments) cannot be printed automatically to non-default printers. Therefore, to master this here we are with two different approaches for different scenarios.

Queries: “Hey, I am planning to get the hard copy of the email files that I have in *.pst format. The fact that there are more than 200+ email files and strictly confidential I am not sure about the internet websites. So I anyone could help me out here, I would be very helpful.”

Why & How to Get Hard Copy of Emails from Outlook Account

The reason to print Outlook emails or any emails is from person to person. Having a paper copy of emails is now essential for the forensic need. Since printing emails is one of the common things to do, here is the manual approach to the same.

  • Open the Outlook and select the required emails from the tab.
  • Go to the File option in the Menu bar.
  • Now select the Print option to move further.
  • Click on the Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down list.
  • Press the Print option to download the selected emails to PDF format.

Loopholes of Manual method: From the steps, it is clear that at once we can only get one file exported to PDF file format. That is, for every email file to print there will be a need to repeat the steps.

Best Technique to Print Multiple Emails in Outlook

To overcome the loophole of the manual method, download PST to PDF Converter Tool. It is one file exporter to change the Outlook *.pst to another file format. Multiple Outlook files can be added to the software interface to switch and print multiple emails in Outlook at once. Change the file format and we print the emails within a few clicks. We can save Outlook emails to hard drive and then print the emails instantly. 

Steps to Print Outlook Emails & Attachments in Batches

Get the SETUP file from the above link and follow the procedure given below:

  • Step 1: Open the tool on the system and then start adding the PST files to the panel.
  • Step 2: After adding the files/folders press the Next button.add outlook pst files
  • Step 3: Use the check box to select the required files and then again press the Next button.
  • Step 4: From the new tab with the multiple savings option, select PDF format from the drop-down list.choose pdf or doc file from the list
  • Now choose a location to store the converted file and also select a naming pattern from File Naming Options.select a location location press ok and now print multiple emails in outlook

Done. Now the files are converted to the desired format we can print Outlook emails in batches with attached documents.

To directly get the emails in a printable format from Outlook, use the Email Backup Wizard.


Print the emails and attached documents using the right technique that is it could be manual or automated. But the methods should be taken into consideration in the situation we are in. Print multiple emails in Outlook using the software recommended here, to print a single file use the manual practice. Choose the desired approach from here.

Frequently Asked Question

Q) Can this tool be used to export attachments from Outlook emails?

A) Yes. The application can print both emails and the attached documents in the Outlook Mail account.

Q) I have Outlook for Mac email files in *.olm format. Does this tool support OLM files?

A) Use the OLM File Converter for Mac. The application works the same way as the above-recommended tool.

Q) How can I get the upgraded version to print multiple emails in Outlook?

A) Go to the official website and click on the Purchase button. Then, opt for the desired package and get the download link by email.