Download Multiple Attachments From Yahoo Mail Account

Mark Briggs | April 6th, 2023 | Yahoo

Today let’s see how to download attachments from Yahoo Mail accounts. Since document files, videos, zip files/folders, MP3s, images, RAR files, and so on can be attached, we must have a solution according to that. 


Hi, I have had a Yahoo account for more than 5 years. I am using the account for my personal as well as my professional work. Recently I can’t download all attachments from Yahoo Mail, tried restarting, uninstalling, etc. but didn’t work. Could you please assist how to get the attachments from the emails?

Yahoo! is a messaging service accessible via the Internet. Yahoo Mail is a popular email service used by millions of individuals worldwide. In Yahoo Mail, you can attach almost any form of file to an email message. The Internet browser’s configuration or security settings may be the reason for your inability to download attachments from Yahoo Mail. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can resolve the issue by disabling the plugin from the Tools menu.

Reason Why Yahoo Mail Attachment Won’t Download

Now, let’s discuss the reason why we can’t download attachments from Yahoo email messages. 

  • Exceeding the Attachment Limit – Attaching a large file to Yahoo Mail can cause issues because each client is given 25MB of attachment capacity. Check the file size and make sure it’s under this limit.
  • Browser Error – Are you using an outdated browser version? You might have trouble opening the file if you’re using an older browser version.
  • Incorrect Internet Connection – If the Internet is not functioning properly, the user will open or attach the attachment.
  • The File Attachment Link Doesn’t Work – If the file attachment link doesn’t work, you won’t be able to connect it to the file. Please double-check. Other browser checks should be modified as well.

These are the usual reasons of unable to view or download the attached documents. Thus, we can solve this by using appropriate software. Learn about the application in the next section. 

Cannot Download Attachments From Yahoo Mail – Solved!

Try the application Email Attachment Extractor. An independent utility to save email attachments from different online email clients. Without signing in to or having the Yahoo Mailing service, save all attachments from your Yahoo account. If you can’t download attachments from Yahoo Mail, then get the tool from the below link and test the application once. Later upgrade to the professional edition for more advanced features.

Carry out the following steps:

1. Launch the software and set it up on any latest Mac or Windows OS. 

2. Select Yahoo from Email Source. Enter the required field to save attachments. Press the login button to move further. 

Start the tool to download attachments from Yahoo mail

3. The tool will scan and load all the folders in the Yahoo account. Click on the folder and select the email files. 

4. Further, Set up a destination location to store the attached documents.

Choose the folder and set destination path

5. Go to the filter option for selective extraction of email attachments from Yahoo emails. Enter the fields- From, To, Subject, Date Range, Attachment type, etc. 

Filter option for selective Yahoo attachments extraction

6. Finally, go back to Extraction and press the button Start Extraction to initiate the process to save all documents. 

Save all attachments from Yahoo Mail account


To conclude MacUncle always puts the customer first. We have developed a simple Attachments downloader for all the users from different sections. Save all attachments from your Yahoo account using the upgraded version of the tool. 

We hope your issues are resolved, for any doubts please connect with our 24*7 MacUncle Customer Service

Common User Questions

Will I be able to save image attachments from my Yahoo Account?

Yes. All types of attached documents can be extracted from the email files.

How to extract attachments from a particular date?

Use the advanced filter option to set the desired date and then the tool will fetch the attachments from that particular date.

Is there any manual approach to downloading Yahoo attachments?

We can manually extract the files from the email messages if there are only a few files to download. Whereas, to download all attachments from Yahoo try the recommended software.