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How to Export Apple Mail Contacts to CSV Format?

Mark Briggs | Modified: April 18, 2023| Apple Mail | 5 Minutes Reading

Today let’s talk about the common query of all Mac users i.e., how do I export contacts from Apple Mail to CSV? How do I Export Mac Mail Contact to Excel? Therefore, in this article, we will provide the possible method to convert or export Apple Mail contacts to CSV.

The Contacts or Address Book system on a Mac exports entries with a VCF (vCard) extension. However, CSV is a universal format that fits plenty of different email clients, and having a list of Apple Contacts in CSV format makes it easier to import it into other email clients or display it in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.

The perfect solution to open Mac Mail Contacts in Excel is to have a conversion tool to convert the contact files to CSV format directly.

Apple Address Book Contact to CSV Format

An exporter tool is a software for Mac OS-based computers that work in a unique algorithm. Get the MacUncle Apple Mail Converter for free which permits you to convert 25 email files or contacts. The Trial version will guide how to convert Apple Mail to CSV format and comes with all the features.

In this article, you will get the exact result and that’s the major reason why you should get this tool to convert the contact lists. Although the tool has the function to fetch the Apple Mail files from the default location of the tool. And you can directly select the option “Convert Contact” to export Apple Mail Contacts to CSV directly.

Why a Third-Party Tool?

Here let’s talk about the outstanding aspects of the software that make it stand out from the crowd. The tool possesses a wide variety of features while converting the Apple Mail files as a result you will get the accurate result in the .csv extension.

  • For converting big Mac Mail Address book contacts to CSV format, the Apple Mail to Excel tool is the perfect way to save time and energy.
  • Easily import CSV files into email clients like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Messenger, etc.
  • Convert both Mac Contacts folders in single as well as a batch to CSV Excel format.
  • Separate option to convert the contacts from the Apple Mail application.
  • The program works alone, without any external application being needed.
  • The application gives you the freedom to save files to the desired destination. Using this one can easily store the resulting files in the location desired and easily get the file.
  • Export Mac Contacts to CSV using the migrator tool which is compatible with the OS X Mountain Lion version of Mac OS and the above versions.

Procedure to Export Apple Mail Contacts to CSV Files

First, get the software from the above download link. And then follow the step-by-step procedure to open Mac Mail contacts in Excel –

1. Start the tool, and select the option “Convert Email” or “Convert Contacts”.

export apple mail to csv using the MacUncle tool

2. Now select either “Convert configured AppleMail mailboxes data” or “Let me select my AppleMail mailbox data“.

select the required option to export Apple Mail contacts to csv

3. Add Apple contact folder or files using Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) if you have selected “Let me select my AppleMail mailbox data”.

Add files to Export Mac Contacts to CSV format

4. Or select “Convert configure AppleMail mailboxes data” then, click the Next button and, choose the Apple Mail contact folder for conversion and click the Next button.

select specific folder for conversion

5. Further, choose the CSV file format from Select Saving Option and browse Select Destination Path to store the converted CSV file. And press Export.

Choose CSV format and export Mac Contacts to CSV format

After AppleMail to CSV Conversion on Mac OS Completes, a few messages such as conversion completed successfully and a message of Trial package limitation displayed. In addition, the tool previews a log document with the whole conversion details. As soon as closing the log report the folder consisting of the result file will open up automatically.

Check for the result after Exporting mac mail contacts to csv

From these steps, it is quite clear that one can perform the steps to Export Mac Mail contacts to CSV format effortlessly. Using this method you will get accurate results and effortlessly import the file to different email applications.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, don’t panic if you want to export Apple Mail Contacts to CSV format and you don’t know the appropriate measure to perform the task. Simply use the solution that we have described in this post. You may test the software free of charge before enabling the upgraded version by using the App’s demo edition. It is set with all features and functionalities required for exporting Mac Mail to CSV Excel format. The drawback of this edition is that it only exports the first 25 items from each selected Apple Mail folder. By buying the approved version of the utility, export unlimited files without any restriction.


How to export and save emails from Mac Mail to Excel?

Follow the same procedure as mentioned in the above write-up. Select the desired file or folder with emails and convert the files to CSV format.

Is it possible to convert only the required files?

Yes. Select the required folder from the list from the software panel and perform the conversion.