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How to Import Emails from Entourage to Apple Mail Account Manually?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On August 14th, 2023 • 4 min read

At some point, we all used different third-party tools to perform the migration of email data from one account to another. To export Entourage to Apple Mail, you don’t need any external service. Read the article and execute the procedure in order. 

“Hi, I have used Entourage email client for a long time. After being a user for such a long period I’ve decided to import emails from Entourage to Apple Mail Webmail. I have created one and I am currently using the account. Now, I want to transfer all my Entourage emails to Apple Mail. Do I need to have any software to move all the email data?”

As an answer to this query, no there is no requirement for any application or external third-party tool to migrate Entourage 2008 to Mac Mail. 

Entourage Vs Apple Mail 

Entourage is an all-in-one internet application with an email client, browser, etc. It comprises emails, calendars, address books, project managers, etc. Therefore, Entourage was popular among large corporations back in the day. After being discontinued users still have the important email data. Thus, migration is the only option right now to access those files therefore export Entourage to the Apple Mail account. The email data from Entourage is stored in the .rge extension. 

Contrarily, Apple Mail is one of the most common email services for Macintosh OS users. With Apple Mail or iCloud Mail send or receive emails. The email can be accessed using Mail app on iPad, iPhone, or any other Mac device with ease. Mac Mail is stable in the field due to its regular updates with new advanced features.

Reason to Export Entourage to Apple Mail 

More than exporting Entourage to Outlook on Mac, users prefer Mac Mail. There are multiple reasons behind it. Here we will point out some of the major factors that make Apple Mail accounts different.

  • Mac Mail can search email files easily.
  • It offers Mac users to file different emails into a single folder. 
  • Also, it appends a signature to Outgoing emails automatically. 
  • More than that, the address book & iCal works well.

Export Entourage to Apple Mail – Get the Complete Procedure 

As discussed before, entourage email clients to store their email messages in .mbox format. MBOX files are supported by Apple Mail too. Therefore, before starting the procedure, find out the location of Entourage

With the below-mentioned steps get the email files from Entourage,

  • Go to Entourage and select the File option.
  • Go to the Export option and select the Items to an Entourage archive. Enable the checkboxes to corresponding email messages to migrate. Press the Next button. 
  • Now, select the option – Yes, Delete items from Entourage After they are archived.
  • Now, set up a location to store the MBOX files and press the Save button. 

After extracting all the email files from Entourage Mail locally, use the steps mentioned below to export Entourage to the Apple Mail account directly. 

  • Start the Apple Mail application and go to the File option.
  • Click Import Mailbox. Then, select File in MBOX format and hit Continue.
  • Further, choose the Entourage MBOX files & again press the continue button.

This will take a few minutes to import emails from Entourage to Apple Mail. 

On the other hand, to Export Entourage Emails to different file formats, get MBOX Converter for Mac. We can use the tool to convert or migrate mailboxes to frequently used file formats. 

Bottom Line

Whatever the reasons, export Entourage to Apple Mail easily by following the steps mentioned here. As the migration of email files from one application to another is not as simple as we think. The process of exporting the files to Apple Mail is remarkably simple, but to save the files to different files format use the recommended tool mentioned here. Therefore, for any issues related to email migration let us know.