How to Export Outlook for Mac Calendars to Excel?

Mark Briggs | April 20th, 2023 | Mac OS X

I use Outlook for Mac 2016. I simply want all my calendar appointments /meetings in an excel sheet. Does the OLM Converter have an option to export Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel files?

Today let’s solve this issue. Know how to Export Outlook Mac Calendar to Excel. The article will walk you through different solutions from which you can opt for any solution as per your requirement. 

Overview of Outlook Calendar & Excel 

The Mac Outlook Calendar stores every event, reminder, etc., in the OLM file format. You need not have to worry about the events, you can simply select the date & time, and Outlook will perform its task. On the other hand, MS Excel can easily manage your events, reminders, etc., as it is platform-independent. You can access Excel files on almost every operating system.

Why Excel? – OLM files are only supported and accessed using Outlook for Mac accounts. Therefore, people find it very difficult to access OLM on another platform. There are various reasons why users want a simple technique to convert Calendar files. 

Here are some of the major needs why users export Mac Outlook calendars to Excel: –

  • To transfer the OLM calendar file to another Email Client.
  • To share Outlook Calendar with event or meeting schedules with other users
  • To access Mac Outlook Calendar on other devices like tablets, cell phones, etc. 

Here, we are providing the top two ways to export Outlook for Mac Calendar to Excel on Mac.

Exporting Outlook for Mac OLM to CSV format can help you access the file in an Excel sheet. Read the complete article to know more about the process.

Manually Export Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel on Mac

Follow these steps to convert a Mac Outlook calendar to an Excel file.

  1. Open your Mac Outlook and then navigate to the Calendar option. 
  2. Now choose a Calendar file that you wish to convert into CSV. 
  3. Drag and drop the Calendar file to the desktop. 
  4. You will have to repeat Step 3 for every Outlook Calendar file. 

Limitations: Here are the major limitations or loopholes of the manual method:

  • The process is quite lengthy and time-consuming. 
  • The process is mainly for a limited number of Outlook files, you have to work hard for bulk export. 

Smart Solution for Our Users – Automated Way

To overcome all the difficulties and loopholes of the Manual Method, here we present the best tool, OLM to CSV Converter Software for Mac. The software will allow users to export multiple OLM files to CSV format. The tool preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and prevents any data loss. The wizard comes with a coherent GUI and user-friendly interface which enables users to operate on it effortlessly. 

The Converter allows you to export Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel in bulk and also selectively by choosing Filter options. It is purely standalone and doesn’t require any other installation of applications. 

Guide to Run the Software 

Download and start the tool on any OS X above 10.8 Mountain Lion:

1. Upload the OLM files in the software using the ADD option.

Start the MacUncle to Export Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel

2. Then, select the CSV option from the Select Saving Option. Also, choose your preferred location from the Destination option

Select CSV to Access Mac Outlook Calendar in Excel

3. At last, press the Export button

Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel Completes

You will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the same. 

Final Words 

The article applies reliable techniques to Export Mac Outlook Calendar to Excel. Thus, if you want to view or access the Outlook Contact file you have to convert it into CSV, then only you can directly access using an Excel sheet. Use the suggested software to get an instant solution.