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How to Export Office 365 to CSV Format Including User List, Calendar, etc.?

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Published On December 13th, 2023 • 4 min read

Searching for a solution to export emails, and contacts from Office 365 to CSV Excel. Or else do you want to export all the email addresses in O365 to a spreadsheet? Perhaps you should export Office 365 to CSV on Mac. Since no official method for the same is recommended we will select an alternative approach.

More About Office 365 & Conversion

Office 365, developed by Microsoft Inc. is a well-known subscription-based service. To simplify the company’s everyday operations, it offers many web-based and desktop-based applications. MS Outlook, Email Service, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Excel, etc. are such applications. It will also provide you with an admin centre where all Office 365 online account accounts will be handled.

Many users are searching for step-by-step instructions to export Office 365 to CSV format on Mac. Sadly, they are unable to locate the right one. Take the support of the Mac Email Backup App mentioned here. This app is specifically designed to back up Office 365 emails in more than 15+ file formats to a local drive. The program also exports CSV files to all Office 365 email addresses.

Export Office 365 Data to CSV on Mac

As there is no manual or free method available for exporting mailboxes from the Outlook web. The Office 365 Mailbox Backup Mac is the perfect solution for retrieving mailboxes from Microsoft Office 365 to CSV format quickly. It is a 100 % accurate tool that supports all versions of the Mac operating system. This app is a stable platform with an easy-to-use GUI. You can also extract contacts from the Office 365 account with this tool in just a few clicks. Follow the steps you are taking to export emails from MS Office 365.

Get the application from the link below,

How to Use the Tool to Export Office 365 to CSV Format?

  • Launch the tool on OS X 10.8 or above version and select Office 365 from the option.Export Office 365 to CSV on Mac using MacUncle Enter Office 365 Credentials
  • Thus the tool loads all the Microsoft folders on the software panel from where to select the desired folder. After that, select CSV as the Saving Option. (Select the Contact folder to extract contacts from Office 365) Choose Folder and CSV Format
  • Filter Option: Selective Backup based on Date, From, To, and Subject. Select export settings for the email folder to (a) Export only the sent folder or (b) Excluding Email body content and attachments. Filter Option to export office 365 to csv selectively
  • Now choose the desired location to store the resultant CSV files. Finally, press Start Backup to begin exporting Office 365 Mailbox to CSV.Browse Location and Click Start Backup to Extract Contacts from O365

    Let’s see the Mac Office 365 to CSV Tool key aspects;

    • Cloud to Cloud email migration option.
    • User-Friendly Interface for Non-Technical minded users.
    • Moreover, maintain folder and subfolder hierarchy.
    • Office 365 exports all email addresses to CSV.
    • Also, Preserve Key Elements and Metadata.

    Trial Version to Export Office 365 to CSV for Mac

    The app provides a free version to retrieve users from some MS Office 365 mailboxes. The complete version is available for the users to buy and then permits them to export unlimited Office 365 Mailboxes without any restriction. It’s quick and fast to work with this incredible toolkit. No need for technical knowledge to carry out the procedure in this tool. You just have to enter the Office 365 credentials. Upgrade to a professional version to extract mailboxes from O365 data to CSV format without any restriction.


    Since there is no official option for exporting Office 365 mailboxes to an Excel file, it is easier to use an authentic method. Not only will extract the address from Office 365 to the CSV tool, but it will also move email addresses to CSV files. Hence it is a toolkit for everything.


    Q1) How to preview the emails before exporting them to the CSV files?

    A1) All the folders will be displayed in the left panel of the software for the user to choose to export Office 365 to CSV. 

    Q2) Is it possible to create CSV files from Office 365 shared mailboxes?

    A2) Yes. Get the mentioned tool and export Office 365 shared mailboxes to CSV format.

    Q3) Where are all the exported files saved after exporting from O365?

    A3) Use is commended to select a desired location before starting to export the files from MS Office 365.