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How to Instantly Export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone?

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Published On January 25th, 2024 • 4 min read

Summary: The article has complete details on how to export Thunderbird contacts to iPhone directly. Instead of exporting the files to any CSV or VCF format, we have a straightforward method.

What is Thunderbird? Thunderbird is a free e-mail client that allows users to send, receive, and manage their e-mail on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other systems. Thunderbird users can use POP3 or IMAP to retrieve e-mail from their e-mail provider and SMTP to send e-mail.

Now, let’s figure out the reasons and the approach to moving contacts to iPhone/iCloud.

Reasons to Transfer Thunderbird Address Book to iPhone

Users desire to transfer Thunderbird contacts to iPhone, iPad, Mac Mail, and all Android devices to make it more convenient. This makes it simple for consumers to access their connections across all platforms without wasting time.

More importantly, the user doesn’t have access to a desktop all of the time, making it impossible to use Thunderbird or import an address book from it. Therefore, transferring the contacts to an iPhone is much easier than using a PC frequently.

Export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone in a Few Steps

Use the software Thunderbird Converter to export the address book from the Thunderbird account to iPhone. The software has a unique feature in which one can easily transfer emails or contacts to another email client. To Export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone here we are going to use the Saving option as IMAP or any contacts supporting file format.

Now get the tool and follow the steps.

  • Start the software on any system as needed.
  • Add Thunderbird Contacts files to the software.
  • Choose the desired files using the check box.
  • Select vCard or IMAP as per the requirement.
  • Finally press the Export button.

Complete Steps to Export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone  

Follow the steps after completing the installation.

  • Use any of the two different options from the software interface to add the emails from the Thunderbird account. To fetch emails directly from the account, use the “Select Convert Configured Thunderbird Mailboxes Data” else go with the “Let me Select my Thunderbird Mailboxes Data
Start the tool to export thunderbird contacts to iPhone
  • Now, use the Add buttons to upload emails from the desired location and press the Next button.
Add Thunderbird Contacts
  • Further, the software gives an additional procedure to choose files from the selected folder. After selecting the right files again press the Next button.
Select files to Transfer
  • From the new tab click on the Select Saving Option and choose IMAP. Then, enter the iCloud account details with the IMAP information.
choose IMAP option
  • As the final steps press the Export button.

In a few minutes, the utility will notify you about the migration. Now learn how to get all the contacts from iCloud.

Use the same toolkit to Import Address Book from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016

Get Contacts to iPhone from iCloud Account

Since the contacts you want to import are in iCloud, use the same Apple ID as on the iPhone. Syncing iCloud contacts to your iPhone will be simple and quick. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • 1. Go to Settings and hit your Name to sync contacts from iCloud to iPhone.
  • 2. Toggle on the “Contacts” option under “iCloud.”
  • 3. Select “Merge” from the prompt to begin downloading contacts from iCloud to your iPhone.

That’s it. Without any additional conversion of files get the contacts from the Thunderbird account to the iPhone easily from one place.

FAQ – Export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone 

Q1) How much time does it take to transfer all the contacts to iPhone?

A1) All MacUncle tools complete the procedure within minutes however it depends on the internet connection of the user’s system.

Q2) Can I first test the tool before going with the licensed edition?

A2) Yes. Try the demo version of the tool, with all features, to export Contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud.

Q3) I have not used the Thunderbird account for a long time. But I do have the emails, contacts, and some other data. Is it necessary to have Thunderbird installed on the system?

A3) No. If the Thunderbird contacts are stored in the system then use the software option to manually input the files and complete the migration.


Get the software and follow the steps from here to export Thunderbird Contacts to iPhone. Without going through any file conversion move the files from an email account to a Phone. To simplify the task the tool does not need any technical expertise to execute.