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Extract Email Addresses from Apple Mail | Get Instant Result

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Published On June 28th, 2024 • 6 min read

The Users have many reasons to export email addresses from Apple Mail/Mac Mail. Users might want to import Mac Mail email addresses to other email clients. Or they do not want to invest money in expensive email marketing systems. However, they want to reach out to every potential client to send emails for an event or seminar. Then in the above-mentioned cases, there is a need to first extract email addresses from Apple Mail.

Extracting email addresses to send invitations to your colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. is a smart way to save time. As it would consume a lot of time to send emails to particular email IDs at a time. Therefore, we will provide you with a suitable and appropriate method to download email addresses from Apple Mail. 

Reasons to Extract Email Addresses from Apple Mail

We have a different motive to export Apple Mail email addresses. One such reason is importing these addresses to other email for simple and direct communications. Some find it the best method to avoid investing in any expensive email marketing system while still aiming for the right and potential client efficiently.

For example, while organizing an event or seminar, we want to send the invitation to an extensive variety of contacts. In such cases, the preliminary set included the extracting of email addresses from Apple Mail.

This extraction system offers a sensible solution for successfully contacting colleagues, friends, or any other desired recipients. Sending character emails to unique addresses may be time-consuming, making this extraction a precious time-saving strategy. Consequently, users export Apple Mail email addresses for various reasons, one of which is a necessity and might also be seeking a suitable technique to extract email addresses from Apple Mail.

How to Export Email Addresses from Apple Mail Professionally?

The Manual method will be a tedious process and it also needs expertise in technical skills. The email address extraction procedure entails learning AppleScript to give SQL commands. Thus, a very tough procedure will not only consume a lot of your time but also require an additional set of technical skills in the users. 

You can go with the application Email Address Extractor which involves basic computational skills and thus doesn’t need any technical skills and the process can be done without any technical assistance. It is a standalone software thus it does not need the installation of any other application; it will run smoothly and independently. 

Export Email Addresses from Apple Mail – Steps to follow

Extract email addresses from Mac Mail to Excel using the steps here. You can save email addresses easily with the help of the tool. Download email IDs from fields like, To, From, CC, BCC, etc. Every email field would be covered during the extraction process.

Download the Email Extractor and follow the below stated steps to run the software: –

  • Step 1. Start the software to extract email addresses from Apple Mail.
    start the software
  • Step 2. Now select iCloud from the Email Source and enter the Email Address and Password from which you need to extract email addresses. 
    Select iCloud Mail and Enter Mail credentials
  • Step 3. Choose the required email files to extract Email Addresses and choose the destination path for the resultant extracted email addresses. 
    Choose Email folder to get email addresses from Apple mail
  • Step 4. If you want a selective Email address extraction go to the Filter Option and fill in the required details.
    Filter option for selective extraction
  • Step 5. Now click the Start Extraction button to start the Email Address Extraction. 
    Extract Apple Mail Email Addresses in CSV format

In a few moments, the tool opens the destination file location with a resultant CSV file consisting of email addresses from Mac Mail and using the tool export email addresses from Apple Mail to Excel.

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Provisions of the Automated Tool to Export Email Addresses from Apple Mail

Experience the exotic and rich features of the tool using its free trial version which enables you to extract IDs from 25 emails. And then, if you like it you can go for its Pro version with more advanced features. 

Here are some of the amazing features of the tool: 

  • 50+ Email service providers: – You can extract email addresses from more than 50 email clients. Altogether it runs smoothly and has a user-friendly interface that enables you to have effortless extraction. 
  • Flexible: – The Software allows you to extract email IDs from any of the folders of your webmail. Thus offering you a range of extraction at once and for all, you need not go at every mail.
  • Selective Extraction: – You can also opt for selective extraction of email addresses from Mac Mail. The tool can extract from selective fields like, From, To, Date, etc. to enhance your extraction even more. 
  • Easy to use: – The software provides you with an easy-to-use interface for effortless extraction. And you can also browse the destination path according to your convenience. 

Decision time!

We have highlighted the need and the technique you can opt for to extract Apple Mail email addresses. You don’t need any other application or services for its installation, this comes with independent functioning. You can also go for selective or bulk extraction from any of the email folders, the choice is yours. Also, it comes with a 100% guarantee to provide safety and security and works with all the latest versions of Mac OS & Windows.

Frequently Asked Question

Q) How to copy email addresses from Apple Mail to Excel 2017 & 2018?

A) Use the recommended application and export email addresses from Mac Mail. It stored the files in *.csv format, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel 2017 or 2018.

Q) Where will the exported files be stored?

A) Before starting the extraction process, set a location to store the files or the files will get saved to the default location i.e., Desktop.

Q) How to extract all email addresses from Apple Mail from a particular date?

A) In the filter option enter the desired date range. Then, the tool will fetch all the email IDs from that particular date.

Q) How to export email addresses from Apple Mail to a spreadsheet?

A) You can export all the email addresses from Apple Mail with the suggested software here. Check out the trial version for free to extract email addresses from Apple Mail