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How to Export SquirrelMail Emails, Contacts, etc. to Gmail Account?

Mark Briggs | Modified: March 6, 2023| Squirrelmail | 4 Minutes Reading

Today we will find the strategy to forward SquirrelMail to Gmail. 

“Is there anyone who has done SquirrelMail to Gmail migration successfully? I chose to move to Gmail for Domains after experiencing several “unexplained” issues with our email addresses. However, migrating everything is proving to be a challenge. So could you please give a simple solution that I can follow?”

Yes, we can move the data from SquirrelMail to a Google account with a simple procedure using the right application. Follow each section and move emails, and contacts, effortlessly. 

Learn About SquirrelMail & Gmail and the Reason for Migration 

SquirrelMail is a free webmail application that comes with your website’s management panel. It allows you to check your email at any time from anywhere in the world. Email and user data are saved in the web and IMAP servers’ storage facilities. Address books are stored in simple text files by SquirrelMail. And the location of these text files is determined by the directory choice in the SquirrelMail settings. SquirrelMail is compatible with Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service that gives customers a gigabyte of message storage and allows them to search for individual messages. Gmail also creates a conversational thread by automatically grouping comparable messages. Users must first register for a Google account to access several Google services, including Gmail.

Why User is Migrating emails from SquirrelMail to Gmail accounts? However, the individual user can only answer. However, transferring email to Gmail is one of the most common email migrations that take place. Due to the advanced features with regular updating Gmail is one of the preferable mailing clients. Now, learn how to move from SquirrelMail to a Gmail account. 

Forward SquirrelMail to Gmail with the Direct Migration Process

Since we are discussing the direct method, download Email Backup Wizard and install the application. The tool had different email client options to extract or backup email files from another mailing client. In the saving option, the user can choose Gmail to transfer the data directly to the account using the account credentials. 

Download for Mac Download for Windows

From the above link, get the demo edition and export the first 25 files to Gmail. It gives a platform for the user to understand the working of the application. Buy the license to migrate unlimited files to another account.

Steps to Work on the Software for Data Migration

After installation follows the procedure mentioned here:

1. Open the application and choose SquirrelMail from the options. 

2. A few fields will display on the interface to enter the credentials of the account. Then press the login button. 

Open the MacUncle Tool to Forward SquirrelMail to Gmail

3. All the files & folders will get scanned and loaded to the left panel of the tool. Click on the check box to select the folder to forward to Gmail. 

Choose required folder

4. From select Saving, options choose Gmail and enter the login details of the account.

Enter Gmail login details

5. Go to Filter Option for collective email migration with specific filters such as Date Range, Subject, To, From, etc. Now go back to the Email Backup options. 

Selective Email Migration

6. Finally, press the Start Backup to begin forwarding SquirrelMail to your Gmail account. 

Eventually, all the files will move to the Gmail account by creating a new folder in the Google account. Go to your Gmail account and check for the migrated files. 


“Forward SquirrelMail to Gmail Account” – A complete solution is here in the above article with illustrations. Get the application version with the required feature and execute the migration with ease. Transfer email files, contacts, calendar events, etc. from SquirrelMail to Gmail account. Without any data, loss completes the procedure in a few minutes.