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Import Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail | Best Solution for Direct Migration

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Published On January 9th, 2024 • 5 min read

Today we will know the steps to import Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail accounts. Due to the higher demand for the migration of Outlook emails in PST format, MacUncle has the illustration for a simpler solution.

Yahoo is one of the most widely used free email services among all other web services. The two most widely used email clients by millions of users are Outlook and Yahoo. Yahoo is a web-based email client, whereas Outlook has both a desktop version and a web-based email client.

All user data for Outlook desktop applications is on the user’s computer. This means that data from Outlook can only be accessed from a single system, allowing the PST file to be imported into Yahoo Mail.

#1 Method to Migrate PST to Yahoo Mail 

Microsoft always gives out the best feature for the users which includes the option to move or add email files to another account. Go through the procedure and figure out if the manual method works to import PST files to Yahoo.

  • Start the Outlook account, and select the File tab.
  • Then, Press the Add Account button.
  • From the Service page, choose POP/IMAP – Next.
  • Then, add the Yahoo credentials and the server details.
  • Click the More Setting button.
  • On the following screen, select the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Select the radio button next to the (SMTP) server that requires an authentication option after checking it. Adapt your settings to those of my incoming mail server.
  • Select the Advanced tab, then verify the parameters as follows:

Incoming server (IMAP): 993 or 143

Incoming server encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing server (SMTP): 587 or 465

Outgoing server encrypted connection: TLS or Auto

  • Then click Finish >> Next.
  • After the setup is finished, press the Next button.
  • Further, a message will show up on the screen. Click Finish to import PST data into Yahoo Mail.
  • After the setup process, an Outlook window displaying Yahoo messages will appear.
  • Select the PST file’s folder if you want to import it. Drag and drop it into the Yahoo folder.
  • Then, using your account information, open the folder where you stored the PST file. All of the Outlook emails are visible in that folder.
Limitations of the #1 Technique: The steps are supposed to be followed carefully without missing any details. Secondly, only a few email files can be transferred to the Yahoo account.

#2 Approach to Import Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail 

The software PST to IMAP Migration Tool is perfect in the current tech market. Using this single application itself move multiple email files from the MS Outlook account directly. Just with the Add buttons, we can transfer multiple files to the Yahoo Mail account. The toolkit does not request any additional application installation to complete the process.

Demo Edition Loopholes: Before purchasing the application get the demo version to understand how the whole process works. In a few clicks move the emails to the Y! mail account directly with a limitation of 25 files at first. After testing the toolkit get the complete version.

How Can We Import PST to Yahoo Accounts?

  • Step 1: Launch the software to import Outlook PST files into Yahoo.import outlook PST to yahoo mail with macuncle
  • Step 2:  Either upload single files or use the Add folder(s) to add the entire folder. Press the Next button.add pst files to the software pane
  • Step 3: Again, choose the files using the check box to migrate the files. Then, again press the Next button to proceed.
  • Step 4: Further, select the IMAP option from the list.choose imap from the options
  • Step 5: Enter the email address and password in the required field. Also, fill in the IMAP details and press the Start Export button.enter all details of imap to import PST to yahoo mail

In a matter of time, the tool will transfer all the files to a Yahoo account.

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Why the Automated Method is better than Manual Practice?

From the above section, we know you might have chosen a method. However, let’s see the major distinction between the approaches based on the scenario.

  • Quick Solution with Bulk File Migration: To migrate the emails in PST file format to Yahoo can be easily done with the recommended tool. It can directly transfer the PST files without going through any file conversion. Import batches of Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail.
  • Transfer any PST Files:  Since PST files are Outlook data files, they can be exported from different versions of Outlook. The tool is capable of processing any PST files of recent or old versions of Outlook.
  • Direct Migration: With the software we can directly import Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail accounts without the requirement of any file conversions. With the IMAP option, all types of files can be transferred such as emails, attachments, contacts, etc. 


Import Outlook PST to Yahoo Mail accounts with the techniques mentioned in the article. The write-up has one of the most preferred applications to convert and migrate email files in *.pst format. Moreover, the two different methods apply to the situation we are in.