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Import PST to Zoho Account Directly with the Best Approach

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Published On February 29th, 2024 • 5 min read

Today let’s see how we can import PST to Zoho Mail without accessing or signing in to the mailing account. There is a diverse solution for this, but what we offer is simple and direct migration of Outlook files in *.pst format. Now, go through the queries and then the solutions.

“How can I move the Outlook PST files to the Zoho account? I tried a different technique to acquire the PST files in Zoho webmail, but the result was not satisfying. I end up wasting my time. What I am looking for is an approach to move the files directly to the webmail. If there is any solution, please help me out.”
“Can I import emails in PST files to Zoho directly? Since there are multiple solutions for the same, I am confused. Could you please guide me with the migration procedure?”

Manually Import PST to Zoho Mail 

Importing PST files into Zoho Mail is an important strategy for the ones looking to streamline their email management. In this guide, we can explore the steps to export PST files from the Outlook account and then import the files to the Zoho Account.

Step 1: Export Outlook Data to PST File

  • Open the MS Outlook and Go to the File table.
  • Select the “Open & Export” and Choose the Import/Export
  • Select “Export to a file” and select the PST format.
  • Now, choose the folder, set a location and Complete the Export.

Step 2: Import the PST File to Zoho Mail

  • Start by signing in to the Zoho Mail. 
  • Navigate to the Setting option and Select the Import/Export
  • Choose the PST file and then initiate the Import process.
  • Map the source and destination folder and confirm the import

Limitations of Manual Method:

  • Complexity: The guide manner entails multiple steps, making it elaborate for users with restrained technical knowledge.
  • Risk of Data Loss: Human mistakes in the course of guide import can lead to data loss or corruption.
  • Time-Consuming: Importing huge PST documents manually is time-extensive and may disrupt normal workflow.

Software to Import PST to Zoho Mail Account 

Download the toolkit PST Email to IMAP Converter to transfer emails and other data to the Zoho webmail account. Regardless of the type of files import them to any email client directly without any file conversion. The whole process can be done within a few simple steps. First, get the demo version to test the working procedure and the features offered.

4 Steps to Transfer PST to Zoho Mail 

Use the above download link and get the tool for email file migration. Carry out the process one by one:

  • Launch the toolkit, start adding PST files and press Next.Launch the tool to Import PST to Zoho Mail
  • Further again the software scans the added file and lists it to select the files again. Then, again hit the Next button.Choose the files to migrate
  • From the list select IMAP and fill out the details to get access to the Zoho Mail account.
    Select the IMAP to migrate pst to Zoho
  • Lastly, press the Export button to let the software begin the process.

In minutes the whole selected files will get imported to the Zoho webmail. The software will create a new folder of migrated files.

Follow the steps in the article to import the Outlook PST file to Yahoo Mail

Reasons to Choose this Tool to Import PST to Zoho Mail

We need special reasons to narrow down to the best solutions. Therefore, for the ease of our esteemed reader, we here describe some of the vital traits of the tool.

  • Direct migration: Without converting any files, the PST files can be transferred to the Zoho account straightforwardly. The Outlook emails, contacts, or calendars can migrate to any webmail.
  • Instant PST to Zoho Migration: Since it is a direct process, the execution time is considerably less than any other technique.
  • No Need to Sign-In: To import PST to Zoho Mail, we don’t need to sign in to webmail at any point of the procedure. 
  • Transfer Entire Folder: If there are multiple files or a folder of PST files then use the dual option to upload Outlook data to the software interface.


From the writeup above we have provided the instant solution for bulk migration of PST files to Zoho webmail. Get all the PST files in a folder with the name of MacUncle. The toolkit keeps the data safe without making any changes. The tool is one solution if there is a requirement to transfer emails to any email clients.

FAQ – Import PST to Zoho Mail Account

Q) Does this tool transfer my contacts to Zoho?

A) Yes, any type of file can be processed and transferred to the Zoho Mail account.

Q) Why did the software stop after moving a few files?

A) If you are using the demo version, then the tool will stop migration after the first 25 files.

Q) Can I use this tool on my OS X 10.9?

A) Yes, of course. The toolkit works on all the latest versions of the tool.