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How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On July 10th, 2024 • 4 min read

Managing the contacts on the iPhone can sometimes be very daunting especially when you find different duplicate entries. The duplicate contacts can clutter in the address book which makes it difficult to find the information you need instantly. Thankfully we have several methods available to merge duplicate contacts on the iPhone. The write-up will help you to clean up the contacts and merge the duplicate ones.

We will work on different approaches to merge the common contact files on the iPhone. Manually we can merge the duplicate with the iCloud account, which will be illustrated in steps in the below sections. And the most recommended automated technique is also explained here.

Why Do We Need to Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone?

We need to know why merging duplicate contacts is important for users. Here are some of the reasons why we need to merge:

  • Efficiency: Removing duplicates or merging duplicate contacts reduces confusion and speeds up the process effortlessly.
  • Storage Purpose: Merging the contacts
  • will free up the storage space on the devices. Combining the data into a single contact will keep the information and save up the storage space.
  • Improved organisation: Keeping unique contacts with a clean address book will help you find the contacts easily.

Method 1: Using the Contacts App on iPhone

The Contacts app on your iPhone provides a straightforward way to merge duplicates manually.

Guide to Merge Contacts

  • Launch the contacts App from the home screen
  • Now search for the duplicate contacts.
  • Select one contact and tap on edit in the top corner.
  • Now, choose Link Contacts. Find and select duplicate contacts from the list.
  • The two contacts will be linked and the information will be combined.


  • We need to select duplicate files one by one to merge.
  • The procedure is time-consuming, you have many duplicate contacts and you may miss some of the duplicates during the procedure.

How to Professionally Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

The Software vCard Duplicate Remover can be used to create a file with unique information. It can be used to eliminate the duplicates from the contacts list and create a new one with all unique information. It has the option to add multiple vCard files at once and process the files.

Steps to Merge Contact Duplicate on iPhone

Download the software mentioned in the above section:

  • Start by adding vCard files to the software using the Add buttons.
  • Choose the files from the left panel using the check box.
  • Go to the Remove button in the above menu.
  • Select a location to store the file with unique information.

How Can I Prevent Duplicate Contact in the Future?

After cleaning the contact list we need to find a method to keep the contact from duplicates.

Tips to Avoid Duplicate Contacts

  • Regular Contact Maintenance: Periodically review the contacts for any duplicates. Check even if there are a few contacts and merge the duplicate contacts.
  • Merger Contacts when Adding: If the contact information already exists, add the data to the existing one without creating any duplicates.
  • Use Single Account: When syncing the contacts with an account ensure to use a single account to avoid multiple entries.


Merging the duplicate contact on your iPhone is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient address book. We need to ensure the contact information remains neat for ease of access. By following the steps outlined in the write up user can effectively clean up the contact list. Whether via manually merging contacts or by using the software. Not only to save the storage space but also to enhance productivity by eliminating duplicates and combining the contact information. You will also get the preventive measure to create new duplicates.