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Discover the Safe Way to Remove Duplicate Contacts from iPhone

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Published On August 7th, 2023 • 5 min read

Organizing your iPhone’s contacts is always difficult. Get rid of any duplicate contacts if there are a lot of them. Multiple identical contacts may be annoying or confusing and take up space in the iPhone. This article will demonstrate several simple methods to remove duplicate contacts from iPhone mobiles either in bulk or one at a time.

Using the search feature in the Contacts app on your iPhone, you can manually locate duplicate contacts if you know which entries have been repeated. And then delete the contact or item from the list one by one. Yes, it takes a lot of time if there are more than expected duplicate contacts. But what can we do to minimize this effort and bring out the best solution? Let’s find out the different methods to remove duplicate contacts from iPhones.

Manual Steps to Delete Duplicate Contacts and Merge on iPhone. 

  1. Launch the Phone application on the iPhone.
  2. Click or tap the ‘Contacts’ tab in the bottom center of the screen.
  3. If you have duplicate contacts, A pop-up message will appear beneath your card at the top of the display.
  4. Tap ‘View Duplicates’to see a list of contacts that are duplicates.
  5. All of the contacts with duplicate information will be listed in full.
  6. Tap ‘Merge All‘ at the bottom of your screen to combine the duplicates.

Thus, the different data from each added card will then combine with the duplicate contact to create a single card.


  • It is the best option if there are only a few duplicates in the contacts, but if there are unlimited identical or repetitive contact information then this method could be time-consuming.
  • If the names are different but the contact number is the same, then the above steps will wipe out the entire data.
  • There is a high chance of losing important contact with the iPhone while performing this method.
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Professionally Remove Duplicate Contacts from iPhone in Batches

To overcome the discussed limitation we can use the automated or expert advice approach to delete duplicate iPhone contacts.

Using iCloud, export iPhone contacts

  • On your computer, sign into your iCloud account.
  • Select the Contacts menu item.
  • To select All contacts, click the Settings button or Gear symbol and select All.
  • After that, select Export vCard.

  • Look through the final route and store iPhone contacts.

Safest Way to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone.

Easy way to remove multiple duplicate items from the iPhone contact list. The vCard Duplicate Remover will delete any duplicate field in the contacts list on iPhone. Duplicate contacts, as we previously said, are a typical issue. Particularly if you’ve had your iPhone for a while and haven’t kept your contacts list up to date. Therefore, we have yet again come up with a simple tool to detect and delete duplicating without bothering the other entries.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Contacts from iPhone carefully:

  • Get the tool from the above links as per the requirement and follow the steps.

best way to Remove duplicate contacts from iPhone

  • Use the Add button to add the exported contact files to the software interface. Click on any of the files to view the complete details on the pane.

add iphone vcard file to the software

  • Go to Remove Duplicate to delete duplicate contacts from your iPhone. In the new tab select the location to store the result with unique contact information.

select the desired location

  • Enter the desired field to particularly remove duplicates from the selected field.

select selective duplication settings to remove duplicate iphone contacts

  • Press the Ok button to start the process of removing multiple duplicate information from the contacts.

the process to delete duplicate contacts from iPhone completes

  • Get the final output within a few minutes.

Import Contacts to iPhone with the Help of iCloud

Now import the final updated contact file to the iPhone. Similar to exporting contacts from iCloud.

  • Select contacts after signing into your iCloud account.
  • Choose the Import vCard option after clicking the Gear icon.

  • Select Open after selecting the processed vCard file from your computer.

How Using the Tool Will Benefit the User in a Different Way?

As we discussed the different approaches to removing iPhone duplicate contact, now let’s see how the tool stands out from the rest.

Check all the Files Comprehensively: The software is designed to check each data field one by one without overlooking any item. Thus, while performing the duplicate deletion procedure all the contact details will be checked thoroughly and create a new file.

Selectively Delete Contacts using Filter: It comes with the advanced feature to delete duplicates only from the selected field. Users can set their First Name, Last Name, Email address, etc. to check and remove duplicate contacts from iPhones. 

Secured Way to Delete Duplicate iPhone Contacts: Without leaving the software user can complete the procedure within the recommended tool itself. The software works on the recent versions of the Macintosh OS.


Are the duplicate entries on your contact list making you feel overwhelmed? Not to worry. This article discusses several ways to remove duplicate contacts from an iPhone. No of the technique, it’s a good idea to make a backup before deleting anything. However, if you wish to manage your contacts more effectively, you can choose third-party solutions.