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Open MBOX Files in Thunderbird Account in Batches

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Published On October 30th, 2023 • 4 min read

Is it possible to open MBOX file in Thunderbird? Yes, there are distinct methods to put the MBOX files into the Thunderbird. Moreover, users get an error message opening MBOX in Thunderbird. Therefore, let’s try different methods to load mailboxes in Thunderbird.

Multiple, compressed email files are stored in MBOX files. The straightforward layout makes it easy to export and deliver a sizable number of emails while retaining their attachments. One of the more well-liked methods for storing and distributing massive quantities of email is the MBOX file type.

Manually Open MBOX File in Thunderbird Account 

  1. From within the Thunderbird application, go to Menu, and then Account Settings.
  2. When the Account Settings window appears, select Local Folders to select the MBOX file location.
  3. Click the Browse button in the bottom-right corner of the Message Storage header.
  4. Select the folder where you previously saved your MBOX file by clicking Select Folder in the newly opened pane.
  5. Accept Thunderbird’s request to Restart when it does so.

Your MBOX file will show up in the Local Folders section of your inbox when Thunderbird reopens, allowing you to browse its whole contents and attachments.

Steps to Get MBOX Files in Thunderbird Using Add-ons

  • Install the ImportExportTools Add-ons for Thunderbird first.
  • Start Thunderbird again, then select the Tools option in the menu bar.
  • Select the ImportExportTools option by swiping down on this option.
  • Select the Import the file option to proceed after that.
  • To finish the process, choose the MBOX file from your PC.
  • Restart Thunderbird to examine the imported mailbox file in a preview window.

Limitations of Using the Manual Approach 

As always, the manual approach has some limitations while opening mbox files in the Thunderbird account.

  1. The procedure does not guarantee an end result, the MBOX files can get lost while migrating.
  2. The steps won’t be easy for the user who is not technically sound.
  3. It can alter the MBOX files while moving to the Thunderbird account.

How to Open MBOX File in Thunderbird in Batches?

Open mailboxes in Thunderbird using the MBOX File Converter Tool. We provide a simple technique to get the emails in *.mbox files to Thunderbird. Easily open the files on the software panel in a few clicks. Get any type of MBOX email files in Thunderbird directly without performing any conversion.

Use the below steps to work on  the recommended software

  • Start by adding the MBOX files to the software panel using any of the given two buttons.
    Use MacUncle to Open mbox file in thunderbird
  • Aftering adding the file, use the check box to select only the required files. Press the Next button
    Add MBOX files to the software
  • A new pane with multiple options will display on the screen. Select Thunderbird from the options and instantly the tool will fetch the default location of Thunderbird.
    open mbox file in thunderbird
  • Press the Export button to start the process.

Now, all the locally stored MBOX files are in the Thunderbird Account. Check the transferred files in the account

Benefits of Using the Software

The above-mentioned automated software has varied multiple traits. Here are some of the major deeds of the automated method.

Open Files in Batches: The software has a different option to add multiple files to the software interface. Thus there will be no need to perform any steps repeatedly. Add as many files as needed to the software panel and let the tool move the files to Thunderbird.

Supports any Type of MBOX files: MBOX files are email files that can be extracted from any email client. The tool supports all types of MBOX files.

Overcome the limitations of the Manual Approach: The manual approach limits when there are attached documents to load to the Thunderbird. However, the suggested tool will allow the user to open MBOX email files in Thunderbird. In addition to that, the automated approach does not require the user to get any supplementary services to achieve the result.


The write-up has multiple options to technique to open MBOX file in Thunderbird. Directly get the emails in the *.mbox files to the Thunderbird profile effortlessly. Multiple Mailboxes can be loaded without repeating any steps at any point.