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Import MBOX to Apple Mail Both Manually and Professionally

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Published On February 28th, 2024 • 5 min read

Summary: This article includes an astounding number of methods to import MBOX to Apple Mail. Here you will find a manual and professional method that not only allows you to import MBOX to Mac Mail but also allows you to perform many activities simultaneously. Continue reading this tutorial to learn everything you need to know about importing MBOX files into Mac Mail.

MBOX files are universal files that support a variety of email clients. These email programs include Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, and Opera Mail. Even though MBOX files can come from any account. Importing them into Apple Mail is not too difficult because just a few simple procedures need to be carried out. To help you learn how to import MBOX files into Apple Mail, we’ve put up a list of all the procedures you must do. To complete your assignment right away, we advise you to go through them.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Import MBOX to Apple Mail: The Conventional Method

  • Open up Apple Mail to start the MBOX migration.
  • Select File > Import Mailboxes from the main menu to load an MBOX file into the application.
  • There will be many import-related dialogue boxes that appear. Ensure that “File in MBOX format” is selected before continuing.
  • Then, Select the folder containing the MBOX archives here.
  • If you choose to import an MBOX file, its contents will be brought in. Also, the time required to convert a file to MBOX format is proportional to the file’s size.
  • After a successful import, a confirmation message will be displayed. Further, the next step is to click Finish The imported messages will be stored in a new folder with the name Import.
  • Messages may be retrieved from the Import folder once the import process is complete. The original MBOX file will be stored in the directory shown.
  • When you access the folder in question, several messages will display, all of which appear to have been sent by a bogus sender and have subject lines that have been completely made up.

The preceding instructions demonstrate how to manually import MBOX to Apple Mail. But even though it appears to be simpler, the procedure is not. There are several factors that you must examine. You might not be able to immediately import your files if your MBOX files do not have the correct .mbox extension. Therefore, you now need an automated method to first convert your MBOX files into a file format that Apple Mail can read. Check out the approach below to learn more.

How to Import MBOX File to Mac Mail Professionally?

The MBOX Email Converter is the most efficient and expert method to add MBOX to Apple Mail and other email clients. The program can convert your MBOX files if they are incompatible with Apple Mail. Using the utility, you may convert your MBOX files to EMLX format. Unlike the manual method, which only allows you to import MBOX files into Apple Mail, this automated method enables you to import MBOX files to Mac Mail as well as other email clients. To learn how to utilize the tool, we recommend that you follow the instructions listed below.

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Step-by-step Process to Professionally Import MBOX to Mac Mail

  • Install the software on your Mac device. Install it, and then launch it to import MBOX to Mac Mail.
    launch the mbox to mac mail import tool
  • Once the software has launched, select Add File or Add Folder.
    add files or add folders to the tool
  • If you want to convert MBOX to Mac Mail-supported EMLX files, you may select it.
    select saving option
  • You must now choose the location to store the final result. The option for File Naming is an additional choice.
    select location to keep resultant files
  • Finally, to import MBOX to Apple Mail or the selected file format, click the Next button at the end.
    click next button to import mbox to apple mail

Your files will now be converted to the chosen file format. If you pick EMLX files as your saving choice, you may import those files into Apple Mail after they have been consolidated. After the procedure is over, we advise you to study more about the instrument. The functions of the tool are below:

Discover the Benefits of the Toolkit to Import MBOX to Apple Mail 

  • Convert multiple MBOX files, including attachments and other data, into Mac Mail in bulk.
  • The program allows you to choose a suitable location to store the generated files.
  • You may import MBOX into various storage formats, such as PST and EML.
  • Also, you may import MBOX files into cloud services such as Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, etc.
  • The application is compatible with all Mac Operating System versions, both newer and older.


This post has given you every option to import MBOX to Apple Mail. Users of Apple Mail can automatically and manually load MBOX files. The automatic way gives you various saving options, but the manual approach may only allow you to import MBOX files to Mac Mail. Also, you can utilize the automatic method we’ve provided if you ever decide to import your MBOX files into a different account instead of Mac Mail.